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Everything's Bigger In Texas, Including the Austin Statesman's Distortions

Posted Feb 17 2009 12:00am

Rodeo clownThe Austin Statesman, in Austin Texas, home of Thoughtful House has no idea that they are home to one of a handful of comprehensive, medically based treatment centers for autism. Apparently, having the "Mayo Clinic" of autism is lost on them. Clowns.

Even the lies are bigger in Texas. The writer of this editorial can take his "boundless compassion" for people with autism and stick it where the yellow roses don't grow.

Please read the full editorial HERE and comment in support of Drs Wakefield, Krigsman and the caring staff at TH.

Physicians at Austin's Thoughtful House blasted by judges ruling agains their theory that measles vaccine causes autism.

No one has anything but the deepest sympathy for children who have autism and for their parents. The search for causes and cures of this crippling brain disorder has been long and futile.

After a study published a decade ago linked the onset of autism to vaccines used to inoculate children against measles, many families sued the government and began to campaign against vaccinations. It was a misguided effort based on faulty science, and three federal judges said just that in rulings late last week...

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