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Eric London Resigns from Autism Speaks.....

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:27pm
I had the great pleasure of meeting Dr. Eric London, and his wife Karen, in 1998.
My husband, my mother, Caitlin, Deirdre, Erin, baby Meaghan and myself traveled
to New Orleans, LA to attend a NAAR gala.
I had called Karen, on the phone, prior to the engagement to tell her how excited I
was that NAAR was started and to tell her a bit about my family.
You see, we were in the process of having Erin diagnosed at the age of 18 months.
We had 2 kids with Autism, which was unheard of at the time.
The NAAR benefit was held in New of my favorite cities. The gala was
held at Ann Rice's mansion. John Goodman was to MC...I love him from Roseanne.
Delta Burke, from my favorite show, Designing Women, was to attend also. In attendance,
was also to be Joe Montegna (who has a child with Autism)....
We arrived at this black tie husband in his rented tux..and me, in an evening
gown and a borrowed mink coat. We felt like royalty.

The evening started and we were told that John Goodman, Delta Burke and Joe Montegna
were all stuck on location somewhere, and would not be attending.
Dr. London took over as MC....and you know what..?? We did not miss Mr. Goodman AT ALL!!

Dr. London grabbed the microphone and began to tell a story. The story was about
their child who was diagnosed with autism. Tears began to fill his eyes...and the whole
audience listened and cried with Dr. London. He told about his passion in finding ways
to help his child. He told about his feelings and shared his soul....that was incredibly
brave of him....
My husband looked at me...because I tend to well up when I see people cry (especially
men) and asked if I was okay...
I was !!!
I was, because I was in the presence of a man who was not going to give up finding ways
to help his son and not give in to the pressures of those who are wrong.

This week, it was announced that Dr. London was resigning from Autism Speaks for
reasons that are his....not the cronies at Autism Speaks (yes, poor little Katie Wright
is bitching and moaning about this), or the martyrs who feel it is okay to demean and
belittle other parents over at the AS forum.....
The comments on the AS forum are as low as you can go....they do not know Dr. London.
They judge him because he does not believe the way they do...WAY BEYOND PATHETIC !!
Dr. London owes no explanation to you...but, I will say...he has done it with dignity...
something I think the people over at AS need to acquire.

Dr. London...I wish you and your lovely family all of the best. I hope you can continue your
work in Autism with your new endeavor....
My family and myself thank you for that !!!
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