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Enhansa: How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

Posted Sep 16 2009 10:22pm 1 Comment

Enhansa-Trio-Shot-for-LS-SIte Day 1:  I started Charlie on 150mg of Lee Silsby’s wonder-product, Enhansa, giving in the a.m. with other meds.

Day 2:  Charlie seems to have a noticeable increase in energy.  Started coughing in the p.m. and nose congestion started building.

Day 3:  Full-on croupy cough and nasal congestion today.  Put Charlie on the nebulizer (acetylcysteine) and will repeat tomorrow if cough/congestion persists.  Everyone (grandparents, siblings, parents, teachers, others) have commented on Charlie’s mood, language, and overall sense of happiness. 

Day 4:  Charlie walked to class alone the past two mornings.  I don’t think this is a coincidence since we’ve been trying to reach this goal for the past 3 years to no avail.  Wow, this stuff is amazing!  Nebulizer again to help with congestion.

Day 5:  Cough and congestion have completely cleared up.  Charlie is doing great, feeling great, and wowing everyone around him.  He was singing songs while doing math homework… all about how much he loves math and how fun math is… ummm… maybe I should start taking Enhansa.  We leave Sunday for Austin to see Dr. Krigsman, I cannot wait for him to see how far Charlie has come since our last visit.

Day 6:  Charlie was locked up in the car for TWELVE hours today as we traveled from Memphis to Austin.  He did GREAT!  No complaining.  No whining.  He laughed and sang the entire way.  Mike and I were floored and ecstatic!

Day 7:  Met with Dr. Krigsman @ Thoughtful House in Austin today.  He was impressed with how well Charlie is doing.  :)   After the appointment, as a test Mike and I took Charlie to IKEA.  The last time we took Charlie to IKEA he had a total meltdown and we had to leave.  He was completely overwhelmed by the input of the noise and lights.  Today he did beautifully!  He had so much fun going into all of the little showrooms and playing with the mock computers.  He then asked if we could sit in the cafeteria for a snack.  He ate a salad, some carrots and drank some orange juice (he hasn’t wanted OJ for years).  We were in the store for well over an hour, Charlie maintained his happiness level the entire time.  This evening is the first day of his increased dose (to 300mg – 150 in the a.m. and now 150 in the p.m.).

Day 8:  Spent another 12 hours in the car traveling home from Texas.  Charlie did great, again.  No whining or fussing.  He had a blast.

Day 9:  Charlie woke up ready for school this morning and then promptly threw up.  I thought at first it was because of all the traveling we’ve done – maybe he was just feeling off; but I then realized I had increased the Enhansa and now I’m thinking that might have caused the vomiting.  Oddly, outside of the vomiting, he feels great, talking up a storm and still has an appetite, so it’s not a flu… I don’t think.  Usually when he’s “sick” he doesn’t want anyone even suggesting food to him.  Today he just threw up and went about his business.  I, obviously, kept him home from school today.

Interesting side note here:  I decided to start my entire family (my mother too) on Enhansa. Within 48 hours I developed flu like symptoms (aches and pains and total fatigue) and had, what I think was, die-off.  The flu-like symptoms lasted 2 full days.  My mother developed  a bump on the roof of her mouth, it’s been about 5 days and the bump is just going away.  My daughter developed white spots in her throat, which were tested and found to be bacterial.  My husband developed diarrhea and cramping, which lasted 2+ days.  My teenage son has a little bit of congestion (head).  My teenagers seem to be in better moods.  My mother says she feels better.  My husband and I are exhausted from traveling, so I’m withholding our opinions until after we catch up on some sleep.  We all start on 300mg this week, so it should be interesting to see what happens.  I will post more logs as the days pass.  I am totally obsessed with Enhansa!  Can you tell?

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How old is charlie. What were his symptoms which promted you to give enhansa. What are the side effects of enhansa. How much dosage is advisable for a 3 year old 30 pound girl who has mild autism.
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