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Energy Drinks

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:17am

I LOATHE energy drinks. I think caffeine is a legal drug and I shutter to think about what this generation is going to be like 10 years from now after they've had tons of Monster and Red Bull!

My kids are fascinated with energy drinks! It comes with the territory of being in youth ministry and my little ones can't wait for the day when I let them drink one, which will be when they are 18 most likely!

Josiah is especially enamored with energy drinks and asks me questions like this multiple times EVERY DAY:

"If we were homeless and the only free drink was Monster and Red Bull would you let us drink them?"

"If the only drinks in the world were Monster and Red Bull which one would you let us drink?"

"If Rock Star was the only drink in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, would you give it to us?"

You get the idea...

When you read the ingredients of energy drinks, there are a lot of really good things in them, lots of brain food. It's just that they go and add the caffeine after that! And why are people SO OBSSESSED with them? They wear t-shirts, put stickers on their car... FOR A DRINK!

Any drink that gives you a warning: "drink responsibly, only have 1-2 servings per day" is a crazy drink to drink!

It's Madness!

- Julee
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