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Edited to add: I realized later ...

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:32pm

Edited to add: I realized later that I forgot to put a link to the new blog (although I do have a widget with the feed in my sidebar). Anyway, it’s at Autism Interrupted.


I wasn’t sure I was even going to mention this here, but I started a new blog. It’s really a place just to ramble and let it all hang out. I found a really cute, girly template from BlogU (it’s pink, which I normally avoid!).

Here’s my first post from the blog, just to give you an idea:

Why start a new blog? Well, there are actually a few reasons why I decided to start a second blog.

The main one is that I keep finding myself hesitating over things I want to share on my original blog (Another Piece of the Puzzle). Sometimes it seems too personal, or too rambling, or even too negative, so I talk myself out of it. I don’t want to be the person who writes down everything that happens to her and posts so much mundane stuff that people don’t want to read it. So here I can let it all hang out and not worry about whether anyone will want to read it.

I also struggle about how much of my blog is about autism. Yes, my son has autism and, yes, it takes up a good deal of my time and energy. But there is so much more to life, and discovering who I am behind the autism mom image is another reason I started blogging almost 11 months ago.

I think what I am finding is that I do have a passion for autism and special needs, but I also want to explore my other passions. That’s not to say I won’t talk about autism here, because I probably will, but I will likely write more about the journey and the things I am trying to figure out. I may also write more about my faith, which I haven’t done too much because it is also such a journey of changing understanding and revelation.

A smaller reason is that, even though I am glad to have moved my blog to WordPress, I miss Blogger and keeping up with all the new stuff they are working on over here! I loved playing around with my template all the time and learning new things about the code. I am too intimidated by my WordPress template to mess around with it very much.

What did you give yourself for Christmas?

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