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Echolaliac Pearls of Wisdom: Episode 8

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:58am

Note: See “ Echolaliac Pearls of Wisdom: Episode 1” if you need a definition of echolalia as it relates to persons on the autistic spectrum.

Let me introduce my guest writer for today's "Pearl of Wisdom," an encore by none other than The Professor himself, who still has a little free time on his hands over the holiday break. Enjoy!

“You let the tool do the work, you see.” The Prince could name shapes (triangle, octagon) before he could name us. He learned his letters spontaneously. He taught himself to ride his bike without training wheels in under thirty seconds, while I watched for cars. My principal contribution to teaching him to read has been holding the book. But utensils at the table – that we are still working on. Using a spoon correctly and consistently is still among the adaptive skills that continue to elude us, though it seems apparent (to us, at least) how handy that particular tool might be when you are eating, say, rice or apple sauce or ice cream. And, admittedly, the Prince is getting better, especially with GFCF ice cream, since he has a lot – and I mean a lot – of practice eating that. Recently, when he was just about to plunge into a mound of his favorite vanilla, he took the spoon carefully in his hand, slipped it gingerly into the bowl, and said in his best surfer dude voice, “you let the tool do the work, you see.”

Source:Surf’s Up, another penguin movie, but a good one. Young Cody, a Rockhopper penguin, finally meets his idol, the aging surfing legend Big Z, who tries to teach him the Zen of the waves by having him carve his own surf board from Koa wood with a scallop shell. Cody impatiently hacks and slashes at the board, prompting Big Z to counsel him, “You let the tool do the work, you see.” Lest you think our young surfer is heeding Big Z’s advice and letting the tool do the work, he usually finishes the meal face down in the bowl and then tilts it back so far to get the last drop that ice cream ends up on his forehead.

(Pearl photo courtesy of PBS Nova)

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