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Echo... echo... echo...

Posted Apr 26 2011 12:04am
Andy is starting to do an odd thing, and I was wondering if anyone else has seen or heard this in the elementary school set.

He echoes the last one or two words he says under his breath.

So a conversation with him goes kind of like this (regular type in regular voice, italics whispered):

Hi, Andy, how was school today?
Good. Good.
What did you play with Kylie today at recess?
Oh! The blue thing was big and we slashed it and I won, because red is for bad guys. Bad guys.
Can you put these ninjas away for me? They are all over the floor and I'm worried someone might step on them.
I want to play Wii! I have homework (starts picking up the ninja figures). is there soccer tonight? Is Joey home yet? Home yet.
No, Joey isn't home yet. Let's see what your homework is. Where is your bag?
I don't know. Know.

You get the picture. Sometimes it isn't every sentence or conversation turn, but usually it is. Anybody else have a little one doing this? Especially one who isn't autistic?
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