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Search posts: Lists "Autism" as Known Adverse Reaction to DTaP Vaccine Tripedia

Posted Aug 02 2008 8:05am 1 Comment
In's "A to Z Drug Facts" section the entry onDiphtheria / Tetanus Toxoids / Acellular Pertussis Vaccinecontains the following Central Nervous System Adverse reactions for Sanofi Pasteur's Tripedia:


Drowsiness (29%); irritability (25%); anorexia (10%); fussiness (6%); autism, convulsion, encephalopathy, grand mal convulsion, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence (postmarketing)."

Hats off to for actually providing informed consent to consumers. To my knowledge they are the first to do it.

HT: Allison Chapman
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The issue of autism has been it seems misguided by the mercury issue when in fact it is likely the adverse affect  these combo vaccines have on brains own immume system reactivating and inflaming receptors over and over through multiple shots.
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