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Does Ethylmercury(Thimerosal) Inhibit The Clearance Of Measles Virus Infection Of The Brain?

Posted May 01 2013 12:00am
Meg sick age 5 By Teresa Conrick
 On June 18th, 1994, my daughter received an MMR vaccine and a HIB vaccine during a well-baby visit at our pediatrician.  Megan was fifteen months old.  Ten days later, her pediatrician report shows, -  "Fever- rash on body - ear infection."  That would be from me calling more than once as she had been sick since those vaccines.  She was to be put on antibiotics numerous times to try and recapture the health she once had.  Illness had become her chronic companion.  What was even more troubling was that my little girl had disappeared into an array of behaviors soon to be called "autism."
Years later I find myself, like so many others, still in disbelief that science is so polarized about autism.  There are puzzle pieces showing hints to a picture yet they need to be pointed out to be seen. I want to point out some of those puzzle pieces here. To do that, I need to present two studies that when solo, are intriguing, but as a pair, paint a picture of concern:
"Recent work has indicated that the immunotoxic effects of mercury compounds may be significant contributors to human disease as well as mechanistically relevant to other target organ toxicities.....These results indicate that both organic and inorganic species of Hg can affect the human immune system, but that they may exert different effects on immune function."  Since Megan has had immmune dysfunction for years and now has an autoimmune diagnosis, I have been very interested in research on exactly that.
This abstract summarizes in vitro findings that ethylmercury decreases IFN-gamma release.   Further reading showed that IFN-gamma has antiviral activity and also important immunoregulatory functions. It is a potent activator of macrophages, has antiproliferative effects on transformed cells and it can potentiate the antiviral and antitumor effects of the type I interferons.  Those seemed like good nuggets of information that I tucked away.  I was to later remember it when I came upon this other abstract:
Lots of information there but what stood out to me was this:
"IFN-ã applied to infected slices in the absence of primed leukocytes reduces the viral load by more than 80%; therefore, in brain tissue, IFN-ã [ IFN-gamma] is both necessary and sufficient to clear MV." 
Could this be a concern for the measles virus from the MMR?  Could it be a concern for prior Thimerosal-containing vaccines weeks before the MMR and then what about on the same day?  At the same well-baby visit?  What about single measles vaccines?
So then it is possible that ethylmercury (Thimerosal) can decrease IFN-gamma release in a human recipient thus making viral clearance, especially measle virus, impaired?  In other words, could a vaccine containing Thimerosal, like HIB back in 1994, impair and dysfunction the clearance of measles after an MMR vaccine?
Can it also explain why so many children with an autism diagnosis also have high measles titers YEARS after vaccination?
                                                             Range              Megan

Rubeola (Measles) 2009           0.91 - 1.09          2.88

Rubeola (Measles) 2011           0.91 - 1.09          3.34
Can this be a possible scenario for Megan on June 18th, 1994?   Maybe.   And to thousands more?    Possibly
Will we get to the truth soon?  I pray every day.

Teresa Conrick is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Posted by Age of Autism at May 22, 2013 at 5:45 AM in Teresa Conrick Permalink

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