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Do not get complacent!!!

Posted Feb 01 2013 9:32pm
When all else fails, just hoola and sing! (This has nothing to do with this post!!)

I feel like I've written this before and even if I have, it needs to be written again.... Do not get complacent!  For you, your family, and most importantly, your child,  keep pushing.  I'm writing this to you but it is really a reminder to myself.

When Drew gets in that "good place", not only do I not want to rock the boat by tweaking this or that (cause if it ain't broke, don't fix it); but I also find myself turning the other cheek or worse burying my head in the sand.  Truth is... His body is broken...not his soul, his physical body is not 100% healed.  If it were, then I wouldn't still have to give sups, remedies, special food.  He could be like the other kids and have "letter Cheez-its" (something he described in detail as a popular snack food of his peers- which broke my heart).  When he's "good", I do find myself giving a little higher oxalate foods, being lazy when it comes to supplements and NOT TAKING GOOD NOTES, even using some non green cleaning products around the house.  Truth is, I don't notice a change in Drew after those extra oxalates, less sups, or chemical exposure.  So what do I do?  At first, I quietly celebrate knowing that I should take it slow.  A few more days and no change.  So then I become even more lazy and complacent.  I hang up my research jacket and go to sleep at night.

But then, slowly but surely, I'll get aggravated that Drew couldn't make the right choice, or that he slapped his legs when not getting his way (his tell tale oxalates sign), or that the occasional stuttering has turned in to blocking.  I might think, "maybe I forgot to give his b12 shot... I think it's been a really, let me check my journal...oh crap, I haven't been documenting.  Or wait I also only gave his fish oil like once or twice this week.  I really was thinking he didn't need it anymore.  Maybe it's time for his remedy, but which one and how often? Oh and I did use a massive amount of carpet cleaner to clean up dog stains.. Eeeew, that's probably not good.  I need to write this stuff down.  Why did I stop?  When exactly did some of this start?   What should I add back in? Or wait, maybe it's just a remedy thats needed.  I'll give him some's probably PANDAS."

Then I stew. And stew.  And see a glimmer of relief from the remedy but everything comes back.  What happened?  Then I think I'm going to vomit when I realize how much exposure he really did get from those chemicals.  I would've never done that a year ago.  And now I have both of us in a big mess.  I don't know what's causing what or which way to go.  Not fun.

I'm not saying that you can't take a break or try to wean from things but it really needs to be carefully planned out and documented so u can stop or start and know why you're doing so.  The above scenario is a true story of what's been happening here.  It finally hit me that we weren't just seeing one or two aggravations, we had a whole slew of them and they didn't happen overnight.  So now, I'm trying to put those pieces back together.

FWIW, the fish oil did show improvement in the stuttering but that's all I've got back on track with right now.  So for your sanity, stay on top of things!!! That way,you won't start a post in your favorite Facebook group like this, "Nervous breakdown happening here!"  True story!

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