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Displacing a bit of aggression

Posted Apr 26 2010 6:26am
One of the tasks on my spring cleaning list was to cut back some ridiculously overgrown rosebushes behind my deck, which had sprawled out over the concrete walkway. Because I am seriously phobic about power tools, I used a small pair of hand shears to do the whole job. It took a long time, but at least it was a more productive way of dealing with feelings of frustration than getting into useless arguments with trollish types on the Internet. Here's what the bushes look like now; I didn't try to cut them evenly across the top because they grow so fast that they wouldn't stay like that anyway.


The reason they needed so much pruning was because they grew to about twice the size that the catalog said they would, and I suspect that's not even their full growth. That will teach me to do independent research in the future, rather than impulsively ordering plants because they have pretty catalog pictures. They do look good when they're in bloom, though, so I suppose I can't complain too much about the extra maintenance.

I have been enjoying the spring weather. This past winter was so dark and dreary that it just seemed to go on forever. As I commented
on Clay's blog in March , on a gloomy, cold, damp afternoon while I was on the highway in southeastern Ohio going toward Wheeling, West Virginia, I noticed a car with the license plate "BE SUNNY," as if the owner might be praying for a reprieve from winter's curse, but without having that prayer answered. Today is another cloudy and chilly day; but at least the winter is finally over, so, as with the roses, I can't complain too much.
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