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Ding Ding. School's in Session. Be Careful With My Kid

Posted Jul 19 2010 6:12am
David has been in his ESY session at his new school since July 1. We were all excited. A new school. David is officially a kindergarten guy. We got the issue of no car seat and no aide on his school van squared away. It was all good.

On July 9th, one week into school and my wedding anniversary. I noticed, in passing that David's finger was discolored. I noticed this just in passing. I thought it was due to finger paint. My husband and I had plans for the evening so I was busy preparing for that. We had a sitter, my wonderful sister in law, so I didn't have a reason to see David's hand until the next day. On that day, I noticed that his fingernail on his little finger was purple and the nail looked mushed. There wasn't much swelling at all and David did not appear to be in any pain. My husband and I had to attend a memorial service that day so we told the sitter about his finger and she reported that David played and acted normally. On Sunday, I noticed that the purple from his fingernail was spreading upward toward his first knuckle. I decided to go the the ER just to rule out that the finger wasn't broken.

Nope- Finger broken.

David won't wear a splint and the fracture is a clean one. So we're leaving the finger alone. It looks much better already, now that the nail has fallen off.

My husband and I went to the school first thing Monday morning. Of course we wanted to know (A) how our son suffered a broken finger and (B) how our son suffered a broken finger and no one noticed.

There was a field day at school. The only conclusion I could come up with is that David put is hand under a scooter he was playing on. There is a picture of him on the scooter. He is on his stomach and he's pushing with his hands. Maybe David yelped at the initial impact and then kept right on playing. David doesn't respond to pain the way most people do. So, that's possible and understandable in the world of David.

This past Friday, David came home with what looked like a scratch on the back of his right hand. No biggie, David is always touching things and dragging his hands along textured things. His skin was just scratched, skin broken, but not deeply. When my husband gave David his shower that evening, he said it wasn't a scratch, it was the imprint of a gear!

David's book bag was given to another student on Friday, so I don't know if there was an explanation of the gear scratch in his communication book. David's not talking. I checked his school van this morning and talked to the driver. He confirmed what I already knew. David's van has a sliding door. That door is never closed until David is strapped into his car seat and upon exiting, it is not closed until David is away from the van. I didn't see a gear of any type that was exposed to David's hands.

Two injuries in two weeks. Not good. Not good at all.
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