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Digital search, coming to a rectum near you

Posted Jan 04 2010 12:00am
This post went offline to be edited for crassness. In my defense, I felt if I can offend someone by writing about strip search and racial profiling, then imagine it actually happening to you. And it really could happen to anyone.

Today I came across this amazing marvel of technology .

For those of you with not enough time to read through that entire article, it is about introduction of digital strip searches at airports around the world. A machine will scan your body and see through your clothes to determine if you are safe to board an airplane.

“People who are from or traveling from or through these countries are supposed to have full-body pat-downs and have their carry on luggage checked: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Yemen.”

A random man, who was supposedly Muslim and despite being an American citizen was somehow linked to these countries, tried to blow up a plane recently. During Christmas! Have they no iota of morality? You cannot expect a blood thirsty terrorist to have any respect for someone else’s religious beliefs. The American government, an institution of integrity, truth, democracy, equal rights and humanity, has said so.

I know it seems a bit like an invasion of privacy, but I mean it is for the greater good. Would you rather be blown to bits on an airplane? If it means you can take your laptop and wheely suitcase on the plane and not have to worry about some AbdulMutallib Osama bin Hamza looking dude blowing you to smithereens then it must be worth it. Countless lives will be saved, the makers of these awesome technology will benefit, jobs will be created, and no one will manually have to search your rectum again. Racial profiling saves lives people. Just ask this woman .

All these god damned terror attacks that ruin it for the rest of us eh? And who cares, if someone gets a nice look at your privates. It’s not like they are that fabulous. Besides they have said they won’t be storing this data anywhere and each image will be destroyed as a new image is loaded. I absolutely trust the airport security guys and the governments. They have never lied to us.

The State is constructed on the foundations of sound principles, morality and truth. The State will never let you down. The State can do and will do as it pleases when it pleases and it is for your own good. The State will give you little jobs to do, and celebrate your mediocrity so you can celebrate the “little” things in life. The State will look after you when you are ill, disabled, poor, wronged and old. No one can be trusted, not your family, not your religious leader, your community, your neighbour, friends, not even God (if he even exists!). In order to protect that most precious thing you call your pathetic little life, you will give up your morality, self respect, individuality, faith and all other connections, and swear allegiance to the State. The State will save your life, if that is what you want to still call your existence in the end.
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