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Did the Department Of Justice Tip-Off Brian Deer?

Posted Feb 13 2009 12:00am

Divulge By J.B. Handley
OK, let me be honest, I only have the vaguest understanding of who this Brian Deer character is. I love Andy Wakefield as much as the other several hundred thousand parents who love him, and I knew Brain Deer was some sketchy reporter in the UK, but I really didn't (and still don't) know much about him or his motivations. If you are in the UK, please use the comments sections to educate me.
That said, I found it rather odd that Brian Deer torpedoed Andy over the weekend with a seemingly made-up outrage piece, only days before the judges ruled in the Vaccine Court. The timing struck me as odd. I ran this by a couple of people, and most figured it was probably just coincidence, until I read this post just made by Mr. Deer himself. You be the judge:
You have it about right there. I'm proud of my work investigating Wakefield. Unlike Kirby, I am not a campaigner, have never advocated any pharmaceutical product, and have never made statements on whether or not any vaccine may or may not cause any medical condition. If there are any editorial changes in any of my published work to that effect, I don't know of them. I'm a reporter, and have simply sought out the facts on Wakefield's research.

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