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Deep pressure

Posted Apr 11 2011 1:20am
I don’t know how many pairs of socks C has gone through - hopefully we may have solved this…..


First had to get into C’s world to work out why pulling up his socks every few yards had become a repetitive movement. Not good when in crowds or crossing roads. What need did it meet for him? Delay tactic? Anxiety? Sensory? Etc

Anxiety? Using
Intensive Interaction I tried pulling my socks up at the same time as C. When C does this he makes a very loud humming noise as he has to take his fingers out of his ears. So when I did it I made his happy sound a loud eeeek while looking at him reassuringly. It worked practically straight away. An amusing sight the pair of us bobbing up and down humming and eekkking. But I don’t care – if it helps C cope with his environment. And as I am focused on C I am not seeing the stares and judgements people are making, which I know happens anyway. Might even make some people think a bit differenlty?

But this didn’t seem to be enough so had to think of something more. Over the months C has been doing this I’ve tried different colour socks, seamless socks, trainer socks, expensive socks etc. Nothing made a difference and all socks would quickly end up falling down as with C’s impressive nails the elasticity doesn’t last long. It was suggested to put ‘wrist sweatbands’ over the top of C’s socks.

Worked a treat :)

Intensive Interaction isn’t just about mirroring but about feelings and motivations of what a person gets out of something. Connecting. Not just speaking their language but understanding it and responding.

Sensory? Dee
p pressure  (from sweatbands - i did try them on my ankles first to make sure they wouldnt be be too tight)  – has a calming comforting soothing affect. Helping to decrease sensory input. C also enjoys brief deep massages – and really hard quick hugs. And he will wrap himself up tight in a quilt. Large beanbags and hammocks C also finds very calming. I’ve wondered about weigh ted blankets (but do be careful as one young boy died ) and hug vests . The blanket cuddle swings look good as do the body socks

But for now sweat bands are helping.
Sweatbands may also be helpful for people who eat their cuffs – wish I had thought of that when C was younger!

Or maybe they work as they simply keep his socks up!    
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