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DeCluttering, B12 shots, and another Isaac escape from the house.

Posted Jan 15 2011 12:00am
Since Mike has been gone on his business trip I have been able to de-clutter my house. I could have done it when he was here, but somehow I just make excuses. So now that he isn't here for a while I have thrown out many things. Don't worry none of it was his, so he will be pleased with an improved household when he comes back.
It makes me feel better when there is less stuff and more room. I don't like messes, yet they follow it has been a battle. In fact I can say that everyday has been a battle with me and clutter...usually I am too tired at the end of the day to do anything about it. During the day though I can get things done.

My girls just started paying for their karate uniforms by doing extra household jobs. Naomi has to sweep, mop and vacuum the whole house. Hannah has to do the laundry. This has been fun because I am teaching them new things, and tasks that they can have remember for their time here at the house. They also help with cleaning and with watching the babies. They know that when I need a's when I really really need a they help.
Sometimes they fight, but thats normal, and I have to tell them no fighting, and that we shouldn't fight. I am hoping that it gets thru to them one of these days.
I started back Isaac's b12 shots. I can say that just after one shot, this time it seems to be working. He didn't fight that much with the shot, and he started babbling after the shot. In fact he picked upa funnel and starting vocalizing in it, without being prompted, which is huge since he is such a quiet boy.
He has started saying things very slurringly, an it's quick I can barely tell...but more language is coming out.
The difference is I think that his gut is healed better, and the homeopathic remedy fixed something. Before when we did the b12 it just  didn't seem to do anything but give him energy. I am due to give him another one today.
Isaac ran outside last night. He didn't have on any socks, or shoes, or pants....All he has was a shirt. It was 24 degrees outside. I was on the phone with someone who I hadn't talked to in YEARS, and i turn around and the from door is wide open. I ran outside and went to the side of the house...thats where I found him, he was at the garage door, crying trying to get back in the house thru the garage, but of course he couldn't get in.  He had tears in his eyes, he was cold! I am thankful that it was cold outside. I am thankful that once again God protected my son so that he wouldn't get hurt. The front door didn't have a safety lock on it, but it will have one today!
Today we celebrate Isaac's birthday. My father in law bought Isaac a climber so that we can have something in the house that he can climb. I hope that this deters him form climbing the banister in the stairs. He loves it.
Here are some pictures of it, and of Sharon (Isaac's aide) and the kids putting it together.

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