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Deborah Kotz of US News: Autism and Vaccines Is the Case Closed?

Posted Jul 24 2009 12:00am

Case closed By Anne Dachel

Senior writer Deborah Kotz at U.S. News and World Report brought up the question that continues to dog health officials: "Autism and Vaccines: Is the Case Closed?" HERE
Kotz and U.S. News Health Editor, Dr. Bernadine Healy, have shown remarkable skepticism when it come to accepting the endless American Academy of Pediatrics/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mantra, "Studies show no link."  Healy and Kotz have reported on vaccine safety issues in the past and this coverage has not gone unnoticed by the AAP.  Kotz said, "After reading my article and [one] by my colleague Bernadine Healy, M.D., leaders at the American Academy of Pediatrics wrote to U.S. News expressing their concerns that the articles would drive parents away from having their children vaccinated."  To help settle the issue, Kotz and Healy sat down with AAP president, David Tayloe, MD, and president-elect, Judith Palfrey, MD.  The video link is included in the U.S. News story.
I was actually amazed listening to the opinions expressed by Palfrey and Tayloe.  While they predictably denied that vaccines were in any way linked to ASD, they were surprisingly concerned about autism.   
Palfrey told us, "We must continue to look for the cause of autism.  It is increasing.  It's a terrible burden for families..."  She said that officials need to "take our collective energies, with the National Children's Study, with everything we can possibly do to see what's going on.  It's incredibly important."
Tayloe echoed her emotion.  "What in the world is going on?  Is it pesticides in the environment?  Is it all genetics?  Is it something that happens prenatally?"  
Healy challenged both AAP officials who stated that the science is in on vaccines and autism and she brought up issues like vaccine-induced autoimmune-type encephalopathy and the development of "autistic-like behaviors."  She emphatically stated, "We don't know as much about autism as we should."  

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