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Daniel Can't Eat Because of Autism but Obama Disability Nominee Ari Ne'eman Says Don't Cure Autism

Posted Apr 03 2010 2:58am
US President Obama's disability nominee Ari Ne'eman does not believe that autism should be cured.  To Mr. Ne'eman, and his supporters,  curing autism is morally reprehensible.  Mr. Ne'eman,  a very high functioning university student with Aspergers Disorder, has every right to refuse treatment or cure for his Aspergers which he does not consider to be a disability.  But does he have the right to insist that other people's children should not be cured of autism disorders, that no research be conducted to develop treatment and cures?

Some children with autism suffer much more than teasing from fellow students, as Mr. Ne'eman apparently once did,  as a result of their disorders.  Some do not understand the dangers of daily life, or even understand language beyond a very simple level.  Some engage in serious self injury and some ... like 3 year old Daniel will not eat because of their autism disorder.  To all of these real people, real children, other people's children, with autism disorders, Obama nominee Ari Ne'eman says thou shalt not be cured for to do so is morally reprehensible.  And with his nomination, and eventual appointment, to a high profile US disability council Mr. Ne'eman's commandment will inevitably grow in influence.

Daniel's story, and it is not unique, is told at :

"EATING is something most children take for granted – but it is something little Daniel Harrison may never do again.
The three-year-old from Carlton was diagnosed with autism two years ago after his parents noticed he was not developing as normal.
One of the side effects of his condition is a severe form of acid reflux, when acid from the stomach leaks up into the gullet.
It means Daniel went "up the wall" whenever he ate anything because of he associated eating with the pain of being sick.
He can now only take in food through a tube inserted into his stomach – and his parents say he may never eat normally again."
Movies, major media organizations and now the President of the United States, like to represent people with autism as high functioning success stories like university student Ari Ne'eman.  President Obama apparently agrees with Mr. Ne'eman's  opposition to curing autism disorders, with his view that autism is not a real disability, or he would not have nominated him to an influential disability council.  

The US President is embracing a young man who does not believe that Daniel and others who suffer from the serious, life restricting,  and often times dangerous, effects of autism disorders should be cured.  President Obama is joining Ari Ne'eman in saying to Daniel, his parents and others affected by the severe consequences of autism disorders ... thou shalt not be cured.

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