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Danes charge CDC-linked Autism Researcher Thorsen with Tax Evasion

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:00am

Poul Thorsen By Ulla Danielsen

In 2002 a Danish group of researchers headed by medical doctor Poul Thorsen, Aarhus University, repudiated a connection between MMR-vaccine and the occurrence of autism. The following year, 2003, Poul Thorsen’s team succeded in repudiating a connection between mercury in vaccines and the occurrence of autism. These scientific results, published in prestigious medical journals, were broadcast the world over and received a huge amount of international attention.

Now – less than a decade later – maybe the international public, or at least those concerned with the expanding epidemic of autism, should pay attention to what is going on these days in Denmark.

In that country the Prosecution of Eastern Jutland has charged the former autism researcher Thorsen with coarse tax evasion concerning an amount of fully 6.4 million Danish crowns.

For this deed the Prosecution claims that Poul Thorsen must be punished with prison. Thorsen on the other hand - according to a leading Danish news agency - claims that he is not guilty.  

In the indictment it is stated, that Poul Thorsen during the years 2001-2005 has evaded income from fees, salary or the like for 6.430.768 danish crowns. By these illegal acts the public has been denied 3.470.020 danish crowns in tax.

He is furthermore accused of having evaded paying the state 514.455 crowns in contribution to the labour market from 2001-2005.


The management at Aarhus University declined to comment on the charges. – “We neither comment on tax cases belonging to present or former employees. This we consider a private matter,” says chief of press relations at Aarhus University, Anders Correll to Danish Daily Information.

The charge has been prepared by the department of organized crime at the police of Eastern Jutland. The authorities are asking for prison time and a fine of at least 3.984.000 Danish crowns.

According to police assessor Lars Petersen, the police of Eastern Jutland had finished the investigation of the tax case of the former researcher as long ago as March 2009, when some “complications” occurred. For that reason a meeting in court was held during that spring to hear the opinion of the accused on whether eventual new charges should be included in the pending case or be treated independently. It was decided to keep the two cases separated.

The other case that is still being investigated by the police of Eastern Jutland involves Aarhus University.

The public learned that something was wrong at Aarhus University, when a local newspaper during February 2010 wrote that the university had been deceived and was lacking 10 million Danish crowns at the bottom line because of fraud.

However already on January 22, 2010, Aarhus University had issued a statement in English informing the public, that the university no longer collaborated with its former employee, Poul Thorsen.

The statement that renounces the researcher was signed by the managing director of Aarhus University, Jørgen Jørgensen.


However strange it may seem, according to the homepage of Danish Data Protection Agency some level of connection has continued to exist between Aarhus University and the researcher.

If one searched the name of “Poul Thorsen” as late as of March 1, 2011, it appeared, that he was still data-responsible for three Danish data registers. Two of those were about autism!

But as of March 14, 2011 Poul Thorsen appears no longer to be data-responsible for any Danish register.

However, according to the only very recently deleted information from the official homepage of the Danish Data Protection Agency, collaboration continued between Poul Thorsen, who was registered as “private researcher , the American health agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Aarhus University and the Danish vaccine manufacturer Statens Serum Institute.


According to information previously published in the Danish Daily Information, Poul Thorsen headed the research center North Atlantic Neuro-Epidemiology Alliances (NANEA). The center was established in the year 2000 with a research grant of 7.8 million dollar from CDC. The grant was prolonged in 2007 with further $8.2 million dollars – also from CDC.

The grant was administered by Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation under direction of the researcher.

However, according to the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation’s annual report for 2009 the agency – in agreement with CDC - stopped administrating the grant as of November 23, 2009. From that date Aarhus University became administrator of the grant. Two months later followed the highly unusual statement, where Aarhus University renounced its former high profile researcher.

The charge for coarse tax evasion has been declared for Poul Thorsen who, according to the police, met in person at the police station in Odense to hear the charges.

The case is planned to begin on april 13, 2011 at the court in Aarhus..

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