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Daily Summary 1-6&7-07

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am
Picture Flashcards - Mastered 6 of these

Pretend Actions - I say: "show me ___" He did sleeping, cat, car and a couple more. We have fun with this one and Josiah joins us too. Nathan does great with these, he is pretending more and more everyday. At this point he pretends more than my other kids did/do!

Puzzle - He is working on learning an 8 piece Mickey Mouse puzzle. He can almost do it all by himself with just a couple times of my help.

Coloring - Thomas is the new thing and so we've been coloring Thomas the Tank Engine coloring pages. He is coloring the small details a lot. In fact, it's probably time to encourage him to color the rest of the picture too.

Follows Eye Gaze - This is a new program we're starting from the ABLLS-R that works on following anothers eye gaze. I say "give me that one" and then move my eyes and head in the direction of the item. He did good at first, but in the end I couldn't tell if he was just guessing. We'll have to work on this one more.

Categories - We've been working on these a lot this week and he's got it just fine. He doesn't really like to separate things by category all that much and he has the concept down so I'm going to let this one lie. I decided this for sure when I handed him silverware and said put this away and showed him the drawer. I expected him to just drop it in, but he stood on tiptoe took all the spoons out of his hand one and a time and put them away and then dropped all the remaining forks in at once. He's got it.

Parts of Objects - This is another ABLLS program where you identify parts of objects. We did this today with my purse and his dollhouse. I really have to do this more often because he later labeled purse while we were in the car and now he knows where the roof on a house is. I like this one because it is something that can happen in natural life and so we'll keep it around for a good while.

Play Dates - We had a play date today and yesterday. Nathan enjoys playing with the toys and is not anti-social, just not overly social either. He will do some side by side play and then just wander off and do his own thing. He enjoys play dates so that is good.

Potty Training - He's been in underwear mostly lately. He has 1-3 accidents a day. Today he ran to me at the park and said "poo-poo." He had pee'd a little bit in his underwear and then finished in the toilet! It wasn't enough to wet his pants so he must have come to me right away! He has also gone to the bathroom all on his own 2 times! He tries to go standing up so I'm thinking he's noticing that his big brothers just handle this on their own. ;)

Bed Time - Bedtime is going smoothly. His routine works with and without a bath and he is not being resistant. He is falling asleep quickly and with no one checking on him. He does still take a cup at night with his bedtime supplements in them.

That's it for the last 2 days, this boy is doing amazing!

- Julee

Some things to note: He has been doing a lot of eye stims with his cars and also his fingers. This is probably due to getting back on schedule for Methyl-B12. Culterelle seemed to cause behavior issues at the current dose and so I lowered it by 1 pill.
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