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Daily Charlie-ism

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:21pm

Mike was trying to move a computer around and banged into a heavy wooden stool at our kitchen bar.

Out of nowhere Charlie and I hear a loud bang, while at the same time my husband yelps loudly in pain.  I said, “What happened?!?”  Charlie said, “You okay Dad?”

Mike says through gritted teeth, “Yes, owwwww, the…. fffff…. stupid stool just fell over and hit my shin.”

Charlie said, “Don’t say that Dad! Don’t say stupid!”

Mike breathes deep and says, “Sorry. It’s just, it hurt a lot.”

I was thinking, “Buck up little camper, it’s just a bump.”  And then I was thinking, “I wonder if the stool broke… that would be two stools broken by my husband.. the man has a problem with stools.”

Charlie ran in the room to watch as Mike grimaced and groaned over his injury.

Finally Charlie, having depleted his sympathy thimble, said, “It’s okay Dad. Stop making that sound.”

Mike said, “It hurts! Oooooooh….”

Charlie said, “Stop it Dad!”

Mike said, “My leg hurts really bad Charlie.”

Charlie said, “Come on Dad, you’re still alive.”


Sorry I’ve been MIA.  Working on a few new projects - I’m excited to talk to you about them; but I have to get everything to a launch point before I do.  I think you’ll all be very excited! :-)  Thanks for your emails of concern (and that one telling me to get off my ass).  LOL

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