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Dachel Media Update: Vaccine Safety, Skepticism, Billboards

Posted Mar 01 2013 12:00am

Online news By Anne Dachel

National Vaccine Information Center: NVIC Launches National Billboard Vaccine Education Campaign

Mar 14, 2013, Augusta (GA) Chronicle: Autism coverage spurned

Mar 14, 2013, Calgary Herald: Uninformed skepticism clouds safety of vaccines

Mar 14, 2013, UK Daily Mail: New drug that may help reverse autism is to be tested on children for the first time

Mar 14, 2013, KQED (CA) News: Insurance companies delaying or denying coverage for autism
Mar 14, 2013, ABC2 Baltimore: The connection between Shakespeare & autism

Mar 14, 2013, Children with autism on the rise in Vietnam

Mar 13, 2013, WKRN-TV Nashville: Bill requiring autism coverage delayed in House 

Mar 12, 2013, Medscape: Medscape: Antipsychotic Use Skyrockets in America's Poorest Children

Mar 12, 2013,  Meriden (CT) News: Bill would preserve health coverage if autism is redefined

NVIC billboard National Vaccine Information Center

I just got news about the National Vaccine Information Center initiative to inform the public about the risks from our ever-expanding vaccine program. Thank you to Barbara Loe Fisher and everyone at NVIC. This ad campaign will impact parents across the U.S. And it's especially important to see that Chicago is one of the sites because that's the home of the American Academy of Pediatrics, an organization that has yet to recognize that autism is a crisis in the U.S.

During March and April 2013, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is conducting an educational billboard campaign in Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, Washington and Texas to encourage well-informed vaccine decision-making.

Augusta (GA) Chronicle

"It was heartbreaking recently at the Georgia Capitol to watch autism families fight for insurance coverage for their children. Beyond heartbreaking, it was a reprehensible act for the legislators to table that bill until at least next year.

"State Sen. Renee Unterman was opposed to the bill because it would raise insurance premiums for others. Yet, many states already cover some treatments for children on the autism spectrum, and the rise was minimal. Comments from other senators such as 'I'm on your side' or 'I'll do what I can for you' ring as empty as the bank accounts of most autism families"

Tireless autism advocate, Maurine Meleck voiced her opinion on the actions of the Georgia legislature.

UK Daily Mail

"Professor Naviaux and his team believe both genetic and environmental causes of autism can be traced to a sustained cell danger response linked to immunity and inflammation.

"This results in changes to metabolism and gene expression (activity) and reduces the communication between neighbouring cells. Simply put, when cells stop talking to each other, children stop talking.'

"The 'striking effectiveness' of the drug in mice could pave the way to a 'completely new class of anti-inflammatory drugs to treat autism and other disorders', said Professor Naviaux.

"So researchers are admitting that autism linked to INFLAMMATION? Brain inflammation?"

It's due to exposure to a "toxic environmental substance."   Amazing. Of course no one is concerned about what toxic environmental substance is responsible. There's too much money to be made from all the damage."

Calgary Herald 

"Despite reams of science proving its safety, perception lingers over mercury

"In order for vaccines to be free of contamination, experts decided as far back as the 1930s to use ethyl mercury as a preservative. This avoids the risk of vaccines getting contaminated by bacteria and fungi when multidose vials are used. ...

"A growing number of parents remain concerned about the use of thimerosal in vaccines - even though this preservative, which contains ethyl mercury, has been around for more than 60 years and even though it has been studied extensively for its safety. The unsubstantiated suspicion that it could be neurotoxic may be one reason for lower vaccine rates in some parts of North America."

Actually, thimerosal been around for over eighty years---never tested or approved by the FDA.  Dr. Peter Nieman just can't understand why we don't believe the safety studies on mercury use in vaccinations.  I posted numerous comment and all my links are working.

KQED (CA) News 

"California regulators have issued emergency regulations aimed at keeping insurance companies from delaying or denying coverage for autism treatment.

"Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced the approval of emergency rules this week, which take effect immediately.

"'Autistic children and their families should now, without delay, receive the transformative treatment that will enable them to succeed in school, their families, and communities,' Jones wrote in a statement."

Does it really matter that more and more states are mandating that insurance companies cover autism? The high cost of autism is impacting insurance companies. This article describes the measures being used to avoid having to pay. And I'm sure the industry is awaiting the DSM changes eagerly. Sorry, your child no longer has autism. You don't have coverage.

ABC2 Baltimore

"A new study is underway to see if Shakespearian plays can help kids with autism."

"Her idea was to use the exaggerated voices and facial expressions of Shakespeare, to teach children who have trouble communicating."

?In the face of the nightmare thousands of parents of children with autism face each day, it's unbelievable to read this. I can't even come up with comment here. Autism is a curiosity no one is worried about. We have all the time in the world to study things like Shakespearian plays and autism. How much money is being spent here on this?

"The number of children diagnosed with autism is rising sharply in Vietnam, according to experts from the Vietnam Association of Autistic Children....

"A study conducted by the Hanoi-based Central Pediatrics Hospital revealed that the number of children with autism detected by the hospital in 2007 was 50 times more than in 2000, while the number of autistic children treated by the hospital up by 33 times.

"Specifically in southern Ho Chi Minh City, the number of autistic children increased from only two in 2000 to 324, or 160 times higher, in 2008....

"The exact causes of the disorder remain unknown. There is probably a combination of factors that leads to autism, including genetic factors and others including diet, mercury poisoning, the body's inability to properly process vitamins and minerals, and vaccine sensitivity, according to medical experts.

Read the stunning admission in the last paragraph.  Cause---"mercury poisoning/vaccine sensitivity."


"A state proposal that would require insurance companies to add more coverage for autism patients has hit a snag.

"House Bill 1265 was introduced to Tennessee lawmakers this legislative session. The bill would require insurance companies to cover therapy for autistic kids and adults.

"However, a vote on HB 1265 has been pushed back until next Wednesday.

"The bill's sponsor, Representative Kevin Brooks (R-Cleveland) says it won't be easy to get HB 1265 passed."

Incredibly, no one asks why there are so many kids in need of this coverage.  The tired rate of one in 88 children causes no concern. 

 Insurance companies don't want to have to cover autism. Too bad if it's your child that's affected.


"Investigators from the University of Maryland in Baltimore found that from 1997 to 2006, use of antipsychotic medications in this population increased 7- to 12-fold, with most of the increased use associated with treatment for behavioral problems."

All the neurologically damaged children out there are the endless market for pharma. Nothing like making money off the victim of vaccine injury. One autism dad once said to me that in the coming years, they'll box them up and drug them. ....But maybe, since we're talking about autism, it's acceptable.

Meriden (CT) News

"This legislative session, the Meriden Democrat introduced a bill in the Insurance and Real Estate Committee that would prevent people with autism from losing health insurance coverage due to a change in the definition of the disorder. The definition may change this spring and could affect people who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder."

This is good to see.  I posted comments. 

We read in this story, "The definition is being changed because too many people are being diagnosed with the disorder." Why?  We need to ask WHY!

Posted by Age of Autism at March 15, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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