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Dachel Media Update: Unvaxed Liability, Eye Movement, Outrage

Posted May 01 2013 12:00am

UK Daily Mail

"She's the mum who sparked outrage by saying if her special needs son was a dog, she'd put him down. So is she sorry? Read on... "
We're told in the beginning that her kids have ADHD. There's a lot more going on here than just ADHD.

Instead of focusing on the mother, we need to hear more about the son.
Atlanta Business Chronicle

"Emory University is a site for the largest autism diagnosis study.

"Launched by Lexington, Mass.-based SynapDx Corp., the clinical trial will test the viability of a blood test to help doctors identify children with autism at a younger age.

"Emory will be one of 20 sites across the U.S. and Canada, and is recruiting previously undiagnosed children between 18 months and 5 years. This is largest prospective, multi-site autism clinical study with 660 children participating, SynapDx said in a statement.

"Despite a rampant growing presence of autism (one in 88 children is diagnosed; one in 54 for boys), diagnosis can still be a years-long process for families. Children can exhibit symptoms of autism spectrum disorders before 18 months, but the current average age of diagnosis is 4.5 years - past the age where behavioral therapies can begin."

Researchers want to come up with a blood test for autism so it can be diagnosed sooner?  Just how young? Two weeks? Two months? How do you do behavioral intervention on children who don't display any of the signs of autism?
This is smoke and mirrors designed to convince the public that autism is genetic. Sadly, they're falling for it. I posted comments.
90.9 WBUR Boson

"He argues that parents should have the right to not vaccinate, but they should also expect to be sued if their child gets someone else sick.

"He writes in Harvard Law School's Bill of Health blog
"If your kid gets the measles, and remember public health officials are getting very very good at tracing outbreaks to their source, and makes my kid sick (can happen since vaccine is not 100% effective), my newborn baby die (newborns can't benefit from vaccines) or my wife miscarry (fetuses are at especially high risk), then shouldn't I be able to sue you for the harm you have done?

"Caplan says providing a legal avenue to hold an unvaccinated person accountable for sickening someone serves two goals.

"First, it provides a measure of justice for a family that is affected by an unvaccinated person's choice. Second, the possibility of a lawsuit would encourage individuals to get vaccinated.

"Ultimately, Caplan said, this is a question about balancing individual choice with responsibility to the community."

If your unvaccinated child causes another child to contract a disease, Caplan believes you should be held responsible. First of all, what does this say about the efficacy of vaccination? Caplan has long ignored the autism epidemic, denied any link to vaccines, and he blames older dads for the onset.
See my comment
I'd like to remind Dr. Caplan that a doctor is not liable if a child suffers an adverse reaction from a vaccine. The medical profession has been indemnified by the federal government. Instead parents have to appeal to a special vaccine injury compensation program where they're up against government lawyers, defending a government program, using government money. Few injured parties ever get their day in court.

If Caplan wants non-vaccinating parents held responsible for the spread of disease, then doctors should also be held accountable for vaccine injuries.

WRAL-TV Raleigh, N.C.
News anchor: "When does autism spectrum disorder begin in children?"
"Doctors have found clues in babies as young as seven months.
"For 3-year-old Grayson Kollins, autism symptoms didn't show up until he was about 18 months old. Most classic symptoms of autism develop between 1 and 2 years old.

"'We thought everything was fine, until about 18 months,' Grayson's mother, Katharine, said. 'His language. He wasn't putting words together.'

"Six months later, Grayson had regressed and almost entirely stopped speaking, his mother said. Doctors at UNC diagnosed him with autism based on co-occurring behaviors...."

This is all doctors can do when it comes to autism. They're helpless to prevent it and that doesn't even come up in the conversation here.
The question being discussed here is WHEN DOES AUTISM BEGIN?  No one is asking WHY DOES AUTISM BEGIN?
By 2013 we've been hearing about autism for about 20 years in the mainstream press. We still have no answers, but no one is worried. These parents calmly report that their son regressed by 24 months and "almost entirely stopped speaking."
Sadly, my worst fears have come true. People today don't remember a world without children with autism. Parents meekly accept the life sentence of autism for their kids.

"Vanessa Hunt, of Battle Creek, authored a lengthy Facebook post about her experience at M Spa Salon, at 2276 E. Centre Ave. in Portage, on Sunday evening.

"By Monday afternoon, the post had been shared more than 17,000 times and online users from Florida to California were filling out angry online user reviews of the business at various sites, including and

"Hunt said she and a friend were getting manicures at the salon Saturday. She said a toddler was crying while getting a haircut when she witnessed the owner of the salon, Michelle Mott, give the mother 'a severe tongue lashing' and tell her 'how inappropriate her son's behavior was.' The mother left with her son, followed by the hair stylist who was cutting the young boy's hair.

"'It was seriously painful to watch,' Hunt said in the Facebook post. 'At the conclusion of this woman's tantrum, the mother said through tears, 'I'm so sorry, he's autistic.' I walked outside to see the hairstylist finishing the little boy's haircut on the lawn - The mom, still crying and cradling her precious son. We hugged her and cried with her too. It was so awful to see this.'"

Autism parents know the feeling of helplessness when their children are overwhelmed and lose control in public. The parents are often blamed for not disciplining their kids, but slowly the word is getting out, mostly because a once rare disorder is now so common that everyone knows someone with an autistic children and mainstream medicine can't tell us why.

We'll all have to get used to autistic behavior in children because with an autism rate of one in every 50 children, one in 31 among boys alone, they are everywhere. The rate among adults is not even remotely comparable right now but that will soon be changing. There are a million autistic children in the U.S. who will become young adults with autism.

Posted by Age of Autism at May 29, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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