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Dachel Media Update: Teen on Highway on Trike, Diagnosis Changes

Posted May 01 2013 12:00am

WISTV Columbia, SC

"Disabilities that impair a child's day-to-day living have risen 16 percent, with the greatest increase seen in richer families, according to the study. Conditions such as autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder appear to lie behind the increase, experts said."

"Houtrow said the overall rise in neurodevelopmental disorders suggests that there may be changes in what is considered socially acceptable."
What's missing in this piece is any explanation for why this is happening to more and more of our children. The line at the end telling us that "the overall rise in neurodevelopmental disorders suggests that there may be changes in what is considered socially acceptable" makes no sense. Are we to believe that autistic behavior, hand flapping, OCD, not speaking or making eye contact, emotional meltdowns, etc. used to acceptable in children and now it's not?
News 12 Yonkers

"A school aide has been fired after a student with autism that she was monitoring left school grounds and was found riding a tricycle in the middle of a busy road.

"Yonkers businesswoman Doreen Rubin says she was alerted that a teen was riding his bicycle in the middle of Saw Mill River Road on Friday. Rubin says she brought the child back to Ferncliff Manor, a special needs school where he is a student. 'They didn't know he was missing until my husband got up and asked are you missing a student,' says Rubin.

"School officials believe the teen was gone for about 10 minutes, and that no staff member had noticed he had left the property. Officials also tell News 12 someone at the school accidentally left a gate open, allowing the teen to leave.

"The school is now looking into the possibility of adding additional fencing around the property."
What is worth noting here is that this boy on the tricycle is described as "a teen" three times in the story. From the headline a person would think it would be someone around 4 or 5. I wonder how many people were surprised to think that autism can leave a child so disabled and oblivious to danger that he requires such constant care.
New York Times

"The name Maurice Hilleman may not ring a bell. But today 95 percent of American children receive the M.M.R. - the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella that Dr. Hilleman invented, starting with the mumps strain he collected that night from his daughter.

"It was by no means his only contribution. At Dr. Hilleman's death in 2005, other researchers credited him with having saved more lives than any other scientist in the 20th century. Over his career, he devised or substantially improved more than 25 vaccines, including 9 of the 14 now routinely recommended for children....

"The lead author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, became a media celebrity, and some parents began to balk at having their children immunized; the vaccine's very success had made them forget just how devastating measles, mumps and rubella could be. Dr. Hilleman, who might reasonably have been expected to win a Nobel Prize, got hate mail and death threats instead.

"Multiple independent studies would eventually demonstrate that there is no link between M.M.R. and autism, and Dr. Wakefield's work has been widely discredited. In 2010, the British medical authorities stripped him of the right to practice medicine, and The Lancet retracted the 1998 article."
Big an incredible coincidence, when Andrew Wakefield puts out a video challenging the efficacy of the mumps vaccines---voila! the NYT publishes this!

"Starting this month, major changes are coming to the way Autism is diagnosed.

"The American Psychiatric Association, or APA, which writes the 'Bible' on how to diagnose mental illness, is changing its Autism guidelines.

"That has some parents worried the new definition will exclude their children.
Here's a pediatric psychologist who doesn't believe parents 'should be alarmed at this point' about the DSM changes. He says that if your child HAS AN AUTISM DIAGNOSIS ALREADY, they'll keep it.
Dr. Schroeder assured us, 'There's a lot of leeway in the way it's all worded, where doctors, they can get these kids re-diagnosed. If the parent's fight for their kids.'

So...there's nothing to worry about, right? Especially if you're willing to FIGHT. (???)
So why are they messing with the diagnosis in the first place?

"Thousands of young people on the Autism Spectrum are entering their late teens and early twenties with few programs to help them adjust to the adult world.

"Although Autism symptoms vary widely, some on the spectrum can learn to function out in the world, but there are some concerns.

"Dr. James Connell, clinical director of the Drexel Autism Institute, 'there are very few services for the adult ASD population.'"

We've had years and years of people telling us in 166, one in 150, one in 110, one in 88, one in 50.......and no one asked why. No one was scared.

We all better get used to hearing that there are thousands of young adults with autism coming and there's nothing for them. No one will demand to know, "Why not? What does this tell us?"
More of the mystery.

Dr. Connell isn't alarmed. He doesn't even bother to tell us why an advanced society like the U.S. does nothing to provide for a significant disabled population of adults.

WCTV-TV Tallahassee, FL

Mr. Roberts says, "If God were to come down today and say that we could hit a reset button and make him not be on the spectrum, we wouldn't do it. We love him exactly the way his is and we wouldn't change a thing about it."
After hearing this, I have nothing else to say.

Posted by Age of Autism at May 07, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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