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Dachel Media Update: Rising Autism in Boston, Autism in Public

Posted May 01 2013 12:00am


"The incident at M Spa Salon has brought a much larger issue to the public eye than merely the allegedly nasty behavior of one business owner: Parents of children on the autism spectrum struggle with public judgment on a daily basis.

"Sometimes kids with autism exhibit behaviors that draw attention to themselves, ranging from self-soothing repetitive motions to a full-blown meltdown in an overwhelming situation. The reaction of the bystanders can go a long way toward defusing panic or exacerbating it, which is what happened when Mott reportedly yelled at Ashley and Grayson Bays until they both left the salon in tears."

I agree.  Let's talk about autism is public spaces.  Let's ask why autism is showing up everywhere. Let's ask why we currently have to train teachers, school bus drivers, airline workers, EMTs, fire fighters, police, librarians and even doctors about autism.  Why don't we know how to handle an autistic child?  What better proof is there that autism is a new and serious health care crisis that we aren't addressing?  I posted a comment.

New Scientist
"ARE we on the cusp of an autistic revolution? German software giant SAP has declared that it intends to gain "a competitive advantage" over its rivals by actively employing people with autism spectrum disorder.
"We are seeing the rise of autism, says Ari Ne'eman, president of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network in Washington DC and a member of the US National Council on Disability. Indeed, while conditions like autism have historically hindered jobseekers, several global companies have now caught on to the idea of utilising the particular skill set this section of society can offer....
"While the move is a positive one for many, it is important to note that autism exists on a spectrum, and a large number of people who have the condition would not find such jobs suitable. Neither should it diminish the need for more research. It does however signal a greater acceptance of autism within society."
Don't you love the phrase "the cusp of an autistic revolution"? Revolution?

How about the "rise of autistic workforce"?

Where am I? How does this possibly relate to the real world?

AUTISM...the disorder that's crippling a generation of children that no one can sensibly explain has to have some redeeming values, right? There's now a 'competitive advantage' to having autism. Employ those high functioning, OCD adults with autism.

HEY....while a small minority of Americans with autism (excuse me, "this section of society") might be employable, a massive part of "this section of society" will be dependent for life and ---WE'LL ALL BE PAYING FOR THEM.

Employing autistic adults seems to "signal a greater acceptance of autism within society"???? No comments were allowed here.

CNN tells us that Monsanto once produced Agent Orange, but also pesticides, and GMO seeds.
"Over the weekend, millions marched against Monsanto."

I love Michael Moss's comments about FDA oversight. "As of right now, there are no studies linking GMO to health problems.  The flip side is that no one is really looking hard at that and doing that kind of research.  And the agency in charge of GMOs, is another three  letter acronym, the FDA, which has a real spotty record on food safety, which concerns people."
 It's very similar to CDC oversight when it comes to vaccines.  I could say the same thing about the CDC and their real spotty record on vaccine safety.
Boston Globe
"An increase in students being diagnosed with autism or other disabilities is driving up special education spending in Boston, prompting the School Department to request $6 million in ¬supplemental funding."

"By April, 747 students with disabilities, including 158 on the autism spectrum, were enrolled in preschool, compared with 482 four years ago."

"Overall, 489 students across all grade levels this year are working with behavioral ¬specialists, up from 205 last year...."

"But she also stressed the need for the state and federal governments to send local ¬districts more money to cover the growing costs of special ¬education.
It's very troubling. You have to be a subscriber to comment, but look at the message here........

This is about special education costs--more specifically, it's about the cost of autism.

Like everywhere else, Boston is watching the numbers increase without asking why.


Posted by Age of Autism at May 30, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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