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Dachel Media Update: Mercury, Special Ed, ABA

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:00am

Jan 7, 2013, LETTER Linking autism and mercury exposure

Here’s a letter linking mercury to autism—without once mentioning VACCINES.  I posted two comments.

Jan 7, 2013, Philadelphia Inquirer: The price of information 

“Take, for instance, the notion that childhood vaccines may be linked to disorders such as autism and diabetes. A 2011 report by the Institute of Medicine reviewed more than 1,000 studies and found no connection between vaccines and autism or diabetes. However, a Google search of the terms returns several pages on the first screen that connect vaccination with all sorts of health problems.”

What really bothers reporter Eileen Schaps Stein is the fact that after two decades of the press telling us “studies show no link,” people don’t believe them. She can only blame Google for spreading misinformation. 

Jan 6, 2013, Boston Globe: Turbulence? Blame gravity waves

“It’s no secret that rates of psychiatric conditions like autism and attention-deficit disorder have spiraled upward in recent years—increases that have sparked an intense debate about where to draw the line between what’s considered “normal” behavior and what’s not.”

On Dec 30, the Globe published, It was by Kevin Hartnett.

Hartnett made the claim here was that there are so many kids with autism today, it’s hard to know what’s the new “normal.”

Now, a week later, Kevin Hartnett is again in the Boston Globe. Different story, longer, but it includes the same thing on the DSM—exact same text. WHY? Is it just to condition everyone that the DSM5 is going to be a heated topic? Notice that he cites Allen Frances saying that the new DSM “creates psychiatric conditions where none really exist.” BUT, he doesn’t tell us that they’re doing the exact opposite with autism. In fact, he makes it sound like there’s over-diagnosing of autism right at the beginning with the lame line about “increases that have sparked an intense debate about where to draw the line between what’s considered ‘normal’ behavior and what’s not.”

As long as we see autism talked about in stories about “psychiatric conditions” and no one is ever worried, our children will never really matter.

Jan 5, 2013, Ventura County Star: Who's New in Business: iFlextrain Fitness for Autism Gym

“David Igliori is the owner of iFlextrain Fitness for Autism Gym in Newbury Park.

“What prompted you to start your own business? I took this past summer off to re-evaluate my line of work and look into starting something that matters. I spent time with my friend Daniel, who is 18 and a recent high school graduate. I watched him as he had nothing to do, so I started working out with Daniel. That's the "Aha" moment! I loved it and, more importantly, he loved it. I have owned and operated many businesses over the years, but Fitness for Autism is by far the most fulfilling and fun of all my ventures….

“How much research did you do before starting your business? I've been involved with a growing child with autism spectrum disorder and seen firsthand the lack of opportunities for teens and adults with ASD. I talked with occupational therapists, special teachers and recreational therapists. I also completed online research about ASD, fitness training and talking with and seeing what others had to say.”

Let’s see…libraries with ASD story times, autism friendly movies and even a Broadway play, sensory Santas and swimming lessons for kids with autism. I’ve read about special church services for families with autistic kids. I fully expect “autism/special needs sections” at family restaurants and special hours at barber shops and beauty shops for autistic kids.

Yes, we are aware.

Yes, we are accommodating.

But what in the world is happening here? We’re recognizing the market potential because there are so many of these children everywhere. There are continually stories are there about a new autism center opening somewhere---and they say it’s because of the rising rate. We’re all now so brainwashed into LIVING WITH AUTISM---NO QUESTIONS ASKED that we’re calmly watching autism overtake a generation of kids. It’s insane that no one is scared.

Jan 5, 2013, Gary (IN) News: Gary special education overhaul long overdue

“Sharita Collins refused to sign her son's Individualized Education Program because she doesn't agree with his placement.

“Collins, of Gary, has a son who has an autism spectrum disorder. He is a Jefferson Elementary School sixth-grader in a class geared to students with emotional disabilities.

"’I didn't sign his IEP because I don't agree with his placement," Collins said. ‘He needs to be with students who are more like him. ... I do believe his teacher is working hard with him and I see some improvement, but I'd still like to see someone working with him who has a specialty in autism.’…

“She said about 20 percent of Gary's student population, just fewer than 8,000 students, are in special education; 99 of those are in the preschool program at Bethune.

“As improvement occurs over time in Gary's special education program, Fidishin said another of her goals is to improve the district's ability to identify and help as early as possible students who need special education services.

"’We intend to put out a mass media effort in our childfind screening process,’ she said. ‘We want to alert everyone in the community when we hold the screening for developmental disabilities. It's a way to capture the children in the community who need assistance and do our part legally and ethically.’"

I started reading this story which cited a student with autism being put in an emotionally disabled room at the beginning. And later on, the story tells us that TWENTY PERCENT OF THE STUDENTS ARE IN SPECIAL ED. Does that bother anyone? Obviously not. We told that they’re planning BETTER SCREENING so they can find all the disabled kids early.

Then read the comments………….. This was my favorite.

“Am I looking at this wrong? It seems to me that there more than the average amount of special needs, disabled children. Is there a reason for that? If there is now is the time to do something in the care of future, young and older women to possibly prevent "special needs" births. Or at least lower the rate.”

Jan 4, 2013, CBS Detroit: Whooping Cough Making An Unwelcome Comeback

“Another reason for the rise in cases, is that some parents don’t get their children vaccinated because of Autism fears.

“’Many parents are frightened, because of what they read, feel that their babies will get Autism or have some disorders by doing it,’ said Dr. Dorsey.

 “There is no link between vaccinations and the development disorder.”

I love it when doctors promote vaccines and tell parents to just learn to live with an autism diagnosis. “Sorry, we’re stupefied over autism---we only know our vaccines don’t cause it.”

Jan 4, 2013, Sage Nonprofit Solutions: Autism Speaks grants $4.8 million for new research projects

“Autism Speaks, an organization founded in 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, recently awarded $4.8 million in grants to research projects in environmental science, innovative small business work and studies that range from basic and clinical initiatives to targeted investigation….

"’With this latest round of grants, Autism Speaks is funding a wide scope of studies ranging from basic research to innovative technologies to understanding autism across the lifespan,’ said chief science officer Geri Dawson. ‘We extend our deep thanks to the donors who make this possible and to the scientists who are our partners in this work.’

“Some of the research projects that will be funded through this round of grant making include one by Lisa Croen of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, who is studying a possible connection between autism risk factors and air pollution and another by Craig Newschaffer, of Drexel University, who is looking into a relationship between the condition and prenatal exposure to flame retardant chemicals.”

AS is going to look into “understanding autism across the lifespan.” I can’t wait to see them studying all the autistic adults in nursing homes.

And as far as ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH goes, AS wants to see if air pollution and prenatal exposure to flame retardants cause autism. I bet that here….studies will show a link.

Jan 4, 2013, Examiner: President Obama signs bill expanding ABA coverage for military kids with autism

“Building on the progress for families of children with autism established throughout his first term, President Obama signed a bill Thursday expanding coverage of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for military families through TRICARE, the Pentagon's healthcare program….

“Coverage of ABA services will be restricted to active duty members with annual benefits of $36,000. This covers, on average, between five to ten hours of therapy, whereas the recommended amount of therapy can be as high as 40 hours a week….

“Since only active duty members qualify for coverage, once a service member leaves the service, whether voluntarily or because of injuries sustained in the line of duty, ABA coverage is terminated.

“Some service members have even re-enlisted after leaving the military in order to maintain coverage for their children.”

So how much will 5 to 10 hours of therapy do for a child who doesn’t speak or interact with others? 

Posted by Age of Autism at January 08, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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