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Dachel Media Update: Flu, Reality and a Beauty Queen

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:00am

"Just two days before Menino was talking about the ten-fold increase so far this year in flu cases, and the four deaths of seniors in Boston attributed to the flu, the Boston Globe published a comprehensive story about the limits of flu vaccine effectiveness. Add that kind of knowledge to the skepticism parents have, after the lingering effects of the discredited link between vaccines and autism, and you may not want the flu vaccine after all. But the Globe's article points out, as does the CDC, that getting the vaccine is still the best way to protect against the disease and its complications." 

 Angela Wang is passionate about the flu vaccine, especially if you're pregnant. And why not? The link between vaccines and autism has been discredited (whatever that means) and the CDC has all the answers. I posted numerous comments and all the links are working.

Jan 13, 2013, Los Angeles Daily News: Editorial: Irrational fears -- Some parents' refusal to have their children vaccinated puts a generation at risk 

“Unfortunately a growing number of parents are refusing to vaccinate their children based on a discredited study that claimed measles vaccine caused autism. They need to educate themselves on the fact that the benefits of immunizations far outweigh any debunked risks.”

I posted comments.  This editorial is right.  Parents do need to educate themselves.  And they are.  That’s why they’re not vaccinating.

“The impact and reality of autism is still a mystery to many people, but in our region, there are people who are trying to get a better understanding and take direct action as well.”

“Dr. Wendy Ross’s program to train airport and airline employees to make it so much easier for families with autistic children to fly is now at six airports, with more to come. Dr Ross’s program began in Philadelphia.

“‘We got a plane and a crew. We started to educated people at the airport and we were there at all shifts. We educated the airport, airline and TSA employees also. We educated in Philadelphia about 120 that first year,’ says Dr. Ross.

“This airport experiment was a breakthrough. The family that benefited from it participates in our special one hour look at autism, a new reality. It is everything the community needs to know about how children grow up with autism and the real stories of love and proffers. That’s Sunday, along with a thorough look at autism when we join you for VOR at 9:00 on TCN.”

We can read stories everyday about storytime at the local library for kids with autism, swimming lessons, movie showings, church services, visits with Santa---all tailored for kids with ASD. We have to train teachers, librarians, bus drivers, fire and police personnel, and here airline crews---all because they don’t understand these strange acting children everywhere.

More conditioning, more awareness and acceptance. I love the opening line---“The impact and reality of autism is still a mystery to many people.” That said it all. No one has a clue what the reality of autism is all about and they sure aren’t prepared for what autism is going to cost this country. (The comment link isn’t working or I would have said so.)

Jan 13, 2013, Cleveland Plaindealer: How to survive this flu season: Q&A with the experts 

“This week, Plain Dealer reporter Brie Zeltner brought two experts together on to answer questions about the flu. Here are excerpts from the session with Dr. Frank Esper, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, and Dr. Melissa Osborn, an infectious disease expert at MetroHealth Medical Center.

“Q: Should you get a flu shot if you are pregnant?

“Esper: We encourage all pregnant women to receive an influenza vaccine because they (the moms) are at risk for very severe disease. It also helps the child because any antibodies mom makes when she is vaccinated is given to the baby while mom is carrying him/her. Newborns cannot receive influenza vaccines until they are six months of age, so they are dependent on everyone around them being vaccinated to prevent spread of this virus.

“Q: How do you feel about the flu shot while pregnant and the risk of autism for the fetus? Should pregnant women ask for the mercury-free shot?

“Esper: Autism scares a lot of families. This has been looked at many times in many studies; there is no link between vaccines (influenza) and autism. There are many formulations of influenza vaccine, each with different compounds (mercury, etc). You can ask what your physician has on hand.

“Osborn: Pregnant women should definitely get the flu shot to protect them and their newborn. I agree with Dr. Esper's comments about autism and the vaccine formulations.”

Three doctors join forces to promote vaccines. And hey, if you don’t like mercury—ask for one without it. I love the fact my links are live. This can’t be good for any doctor’s reputation to be out promoting danger vaccines and have the public challenging them.

  Jan 13, 2013, ABC News: Determined Beauty Queen Doesn't Let Autism Get in Her Wa y

"She had autism, but her parents and her teacher didn't know it."

"She wasn't diagnosed until she was 11."

(So much for better diagnosing.)

See the beautiful, witty, engaged young woman and be told that this is autism.

"She was captain of the cheerleading team."
"She would finish nine years of intense speech therapy. She was on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum."

ABC News: Person of the week: Alexis Wiseman, Miss Montana.

How bad could autism really be when this is what autism looks like? (And I have no words for Sawyer introducing the story with "born with autism.")

How does the child who is flapping their hands and still not potty trained at age 10 compare to this image of autism?

Jan 13, 2013, Orlando Sentinel: Autistic Lake children won't get buses to Orlando charters next school year 

“Autistic Lake schoolchildren won't be getting bused next year to a special Orlando charter schools despite pleas from disappointed parents. Superintendent Susan Moxley recommended last fall to cut the busing to for the students to attend Princeton House and Access charter schools in Orlando next academic year, a move slated to affect about 20 students and estimated to save the district about $400,000.”

So much for “a free and appropriate education” as guaranteed by IDEA.  I posted comments about how bad the numbers are and what the eventual cost will be, not that anyone really cares yet.

Jan 13, 2013, Orlando Sentinel: Judge: Lake autism teacher accused of slapping students should be reinstated 

“An administrative law judge contends that a Lake teacher accused of slapping, squeezing and jerking the arms of her autistic students should be reinstated — an opinion that's prompting the School Board to consider prolonging a legal battle to fire her.”

Last week I subbed in four year old kindergarten. 16 kids doing lots of things---including taking other kids’ toys.

NEVER would I think of slapping anyone’s hands.

Who trained this special ed teacher and why would anyone want her to continue teaching? And what is “roughhousing her students” all about?

Jan 13, 2013, The Scranton, PA Times-Tribune: What's going on this weekend? Your guide to entertainment in Northeast Pa .

“SWIM-GYM: today, March 8 and May 10, 6 to 8 p.m., Greater Carbondale YMCA, 82 N. Main St., $10, for people with autism 13 and older. 267-7820.”

The sad truth is that no one is worried about autism is doing to our children.  In fact, they’re pretty complacent about it.  Countless stories in the press calmly tell us, “Autism is increasing and it now affects one in every 88 children.  The cause is unknown.”  This lost little bit of info on swimming and gym time for “people with autism” is just one reminder that the U.S. is more than willing to “adjust” to having so many disabled children and young adults. 

Jan 13, 2013, NBC News: Don't be selfish: Get a flu shot and protect the most vulnerable, bioethicist says

“Some still worry about the safety of the vaccine even though study after study shows the shots are safe and that getting a shot is far, far more beneficial than not getting one.”

BIOETHICIST Art Caplan is known for denying that vaccines cause autism, so this is right up his alley. 

The “study after study” showing “the shots are safe” he’s bragging about are all connected to the drug companies. The FDA allows the vaccine

makers to do their own safety studies. You also can’t sue if you’re injured by a vaccination. Doctors and vaccine makers have been protected by the federal government. These are just some of the reasons that people need to educate themselves about vaccine safety

Caplan also forgot to tell all the selfish people who don’t get a flu shot that most of them come with mercury.  I posted comments.

Posted by Age of Autism at January 17, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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