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Dachel Media Update: Brain Surgery, Free Autism Screenings

Posted Feb 01 2013 12:00am


"It's been two and a half years since a film crew traveled more than 10,000 miles in 40 days covering The United States of Autism. Their trip took them through northwest Iowa to the Wessels family in Rock Rapids, Iowa. Now the documentary is weeks away from its big screen debut during Autism Awareness Month. We got an update on the project from its director."

"The documentary's debut is set for April 5th in New York City, with four other screenings already scheduled. Everts says he's working with Lin Wessels to set up showings here in northwest Iowa and hopes to announce those dates in the next few weeks. 25% of the documentary's profits will stay in each community that hosts a screening."

NY Daily News

"The central government will ask the Medical Council of India (MCI) to ensure that under-graduate and post-graduate medical curriculum includes autism, a development disorder in children, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said Monday.

"During a discussion at a conference of the South Asian Autism Network here, Azad said he would also try to ensure that there is increased collaboration between ministries and different departments of the ministries in compiling data and training practices for professionals."

Nations of southern Asia held a day long autism conference on Feb 11, 2013 New Delhi.

No one is talking about STOPPING THE EPIDEMIC nor do they seem at all interested in what's causing millions of children to be disabled. It sounds like they're accepting autism as a normal part of childhood, just we are in the West. They want doctors to be trained in autism. Wise move.

"Children's Specialized Hospital is offering free developmental screenings for children ages 1-5 on Wednesday.

"The purpose is to determine if a child has any development delays or disabilities.
The earlier problems can be identified, the more likely they are to be overcome."

"The screenings should be quick, and include a questionnaire and conversation between parents, the child and Children's Specialized Hospital staff."

We see more and more items about children with autism and developmental disabilities.  There are often stories out there about the one in 88, one in every 54 boys with autism, the one in every six children with a learning disability, yet no one seems alarmed that the rates continue to soar.  Our schools are filled with children who can't talk, can't learn, and can't behave.  In addition, chronic illnesses continue to skyrocket.  More and more kids are being diagnosed with things like diabetes, seizure disorders, bowel disease, sleep disorders, and life-threatening allergies.  What is happening to the health of our children?

Look at the list of upcoming screenings for developmental problems in children at local libraries and at Kohl's locations at the bottom of the story.  Your child has developmental delays?  Get in line. 

I just read about how they're doing prenatal brain scan on babies in the UK to determine if they have "faults" that may be connected to autism. 

Now here's a story from Germany about doing brain surgery to treat autism.

"It may be possible to treat autism with surgery, according to a study by researchers in Germany who found a significant improvement in the condition of a 13 year old boy following brain surgery. In particular, there was improvement in the boy's self-harming behaviour."

The disorder with no known cause or cure is the focus of countless studies. No one seems to want to honestly address it as a health care emergency.

Regardless, autism continues to be the medical mystery with no end of possibilities.  Maybe the surgery helps because the autism was the result of brain damage in the first place.

Posted by Age of Autism at February 12, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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