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Dachel Media Update 1/21: Kindergarten, Epigenetics, Let's Keep Their Autism

Posted Jan 01 2013 12:00am
Jan 20, 2013, Lowell Sun (MA): Kindergarten numbers rise for fourth year 

Lost in this story about school enrollment numbers is the sentence, “In the past three to four years, there has been an increase of students on the autism spectrum.”

No other disability or disorder is cited in this piece.

We aren’t given any numbers on the autism increase and it seems that we’ve all accepted that, when it comes to autism, the numbers will keep going up.

No one ever is alarmed, no matter how bad the rate gets. The disorder with no known cause, prevention, or cure, is now an accepted part of the childhood landscape.

Jan 20, 2013, THE WEEK: Epigenetics: How our experiences affect our offspring 

“New research suggests that people's experiences, not just their genes, can affect the biological legacy of their offspring.”

Jan 20, 2013, Murfreesboro (TN) Daily News Journal: Family shares story of day-to-day life coping with autism

“Levi White cannot use words to communicate. Instead he moans, grunts, grimaces, stomps his feet and slaps or flaps his hands.

“His mother and two siblings guess what he wants. If they're wrong, the 240-pound 12-year-old has a meltdown, and no one wants that.”

This is the side of autism we don’t usually see in the news.  A 240 pound, non-verbal 12 year old who has meltdowns is not an appealing picture and it’s far cry from the smiling little boy interacting with a speech therapist that we’re used to seeing on 30 second news clips.  Still, we’re not told why Levi is like this or where he’ll end up someday when mom isn’t able to care for him. 

Jan 19, 2013, KXAN-TV Austin (TX): Autism cases in children on the rise 

“As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders climbs, so, too, does the number of questions surrounding this disorder.

“Namely, what is autism, why the rise in autism spectrum diagnoses and what is coming in terms of research here in Austin?

“Dr. Freedom Perkins, pediatric neurologist at Dell Children’s Medical Center and speaker at the 2013 Central Texas Autism Conference taking place February 2nd joined KXAN to discuss the topic.”

Dr. Perkins isn’t alarmed about the numbers.  The rate isn’t even mentioned on the show. He claims it’s just better diagnosing and greater awareness.  Of course, it’s also an ad for his services.  It seems we’ve nicely institutionalized autism and the medical community gets to profit from it.  The suffering of a generation of children and their families doesn’t matter.

Jan 18, 2013, The Stir: 'Vaccine Court' Awards Millions to Kids With Autism But Won't Admit the Truth

“It's been a confusing couple of weeks in vaccine-related news. First came the results of a recent study which found "no link" between the current vaccination recommendations and autism, then the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (also known as "vaccine court") awarded millions of dollars to two children with autism for "pain and suffering" and lifelong injury-related medical expenses.

“Huh? But I thought they just said there was no link between ... wait, I'm confused. If vaccines don't cause autism, why did the government pay millions of dollars to autistic kids as compensation for vaccine injury? I'm no expert, and there's not a ton of information out there on these particular cases (because access to medical records has been blocked from public view), but I'm wondering if this doesn't all boil down to a system of semantics designed to protect the medical powers-that-be.”

Jacqueline Burtnoticed that while officials continue to pound the podium and declare that there is no causal link between vaccines and autism, the U.S. Court of Claim has been quietly compensating children for vaccine damage that included autism FOR YEARS.  This double speak doesn’t bother the media of course, but it should cause a few parents to dig deeper into the issue.

Jan 17, 2013, Optimal Outcome: I Don’t Want My Kids to ‘Outgrow’ Their Autism

“All four of my kids are absolutely awesome. For two of them, Asperger Syndrome is part of who they are. While I want to help them with the issues that may come with that, like anxiety, I have no interest in changing the way their minds work. Their minds are amazing. They are both incredibly smart and thoughtful. My 11-year-old daughter burns with curiosity about the world around her. My 6-year-old son has an attention to detail that will most certainly benefit him in the work world.

“Why would I want them to lose that?”

Joslyn Gray’s piece on Babble leaves me too dumbfounded to comment. First of all, her two children with Asperger’s are 11 and 6. I’d like to hear from her in about 8 years with they’re struggling with adolescent and adult issues and mom isn’t there to help with things. Autism isn’t an asset---it’s a deficit. Something separates this child from his/her peers. That’s a disconnect that makes life a struggle. We’re being told here that autism is a new normal….another way of being. And it’s always HF and Asperger’s parents who talk like this. Yet, notice the title, “Their Autism.” Asperger’s kids shouldn’t be the poster children for autism---that’s part of the cover-up and it’s done on purpose.

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