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Dachel Media Review: Training Police, Social Skills

Posted Feb 01 2014 12:00am

Online news By Anne Dachel

Read Anne's commentary and view the links after the jump.

Feb 21, 2014, Liberty Voice: What is the True Cause of Autism?

Feb 20, 2014, SFARI: Social skills, contentment evade adults with autism

Feb 20, 2014, Everett (WA) Herald Net: Website spews Facebook health myths

Feb 20, 2014: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Training to help police respond to people with autism

Feb 20, 2014 : Echo-Pilot Greencastle PA: Police and Parents Share Autism Stories


Liberty Voice

Determining the true cause of autism is a complicated endeavor. A lot of people blame vaccines, food additives, and the like while others dispute this and may attribute it to genes or brain abnormalities, sometimes lacking further explanation. Part of the problem with these debates is the circular nature as people conclude that autism is caused by vaccines and others argue that it is not. Few people would probably disagree that the rates of autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have drastically risen (though this is affected somewhat by diagnostic advances), opponents of the vaccination explanation often fail to suggest what else is responsible for this increase. This is a gap that needs to be closed.

What about those most affected by the disorder, how many parents of these children believe that vaccines contribute? How many believe it is genetic or attributable to other factors without any contribution from vaccines? Aside from the commonly asserted influences, what do they otherwise believe to be responsible for the rising rate of ASD? . . .

Each dose of the flu vaccine contains 25 micrograms of mercury, over five times what is considered safe. This affects the mother and the fetus and in just one single dose. This is more mercury than is safe for any person weighing less than 550 pounds. What about a fetus that is just developing? This discussion does not even factor in the aluminum, another neurotoxin or formaldehyde which both of which are still present in vaccines.

This is not bad. Serious concerns are raised even though Wakefield is AGAIN blamed for the controversy. Mercury in vaccines is mentioned with concern.


The social lives of people with autism remain poor well into adulthood, and they struggle to find the sense of well-being and the fulfillment that comes from meeting one's own goals and expectations, conclude two new reviews of long-term studies in people with the disorder.

As the number of autism diagnoses grows, researchers are increasingly examining long-term trajectories of the disorder. One group of people that has been little studied, however, is adults with autism, especially the elderly. Despite estimates that the prevalence of autism in adults approaches that in children, there is little research on how they fare. . . .

This is pretend science. They're talking about high functioning individuals.

This piece cites the British survey that magically found a 1 percent autism rate among adults.

Readers learn about a study of "24 individuals with autism aged 51 to 84, and 24 controls."

It will never work. Surveying adults about their "quality of life" just doesn't relate to the autism we see in our children where many can't talk and couldn't possibly respond to questions.

Anyone using "studies" like this to prove that autism has always been around confirm what we've long said. YOU CANNOT SHOW US A SIGNIFICANT POPULATION OF ADULTS WITH SEVERE AUTISM. If they could, they'd be paraded in front of the cameras on CNN for all the world to see.

Everett (WA) Herald Net

You probably know what's coming next - vaccines and autism, of course. Natural News loves to prey on vulnerable parents, and it's jumped all over questionable preliminary studies linking autism with everything from gluten to air pollution to antidepressants to the "Western lifestyle." But the site's drumbeat of support for the thoroughly debunked claim that vaccines cause autism is particularly shameful.

In case you've managed to miss this "controversy," a 1998 paper in the influential medical journal The Lancet claimed that the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella caused autism. Sixteen years and many preventable measles outbreaks later, we know for certain that the claim is wrong. Literally hundreds of thousands of children have participated in studies around the world showing no association between vaccines and autism. A 2011 Institute of Medicine review of thousands of different studies reached the same conclusion. The Lancet has withdrawn the original paper and Andrew Wakefield, its author, lost his medical license, in part because he failed to disclose that lawyers preparing to sue vaccine manufacturers helped fund his research.

I posted seven comments. I'm sure they'll be under attack.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

As a longtime Allegheny County assistant district attorney, Jennifer Evashavik has noticed a trend among defendants.

"In the past several years, we've seen more individuals coming through the system who have been diagnosed with autism," Ms. Evashavik said.

She will assist Scott Bailey, a part-time Aspinwall and Millvale police officer, in conducting a training session Wednesday to help law enforcement and emergency responders recognize and handle situations involving people who have autism, autism spectrum disorder such as Asperger's syndrome, and similar conditions.

Echo-Pilot Greencastle PA

"What would be helpful for police to know?"

That question opened a meeting between parents of children with autism, and two police chiefs. John Phillippy, Greencastle, and Jim Sourbier, Waynesboro, met with the group at St. Andrew Parish Hall in Waynesboro Monday night, and both sides realized good communication was necessary for everyone to interact in the best way.

Two stories about training the police about autism and no one asking why we have to.

We're told more people with autism "are coming through the system."  An assistant DA quit her job to set up a practice providing legal help for special needs people.  Still no one is worried about autistic individuals in the judicial system.  We're just going to have to become aware and provide for them.

I guess we just never noticed all the criminals with ASD in the past. 

Notice that both articles point out the need to educate the police about autism because these people will be involved with the police.  In neither piece does anyone ask why we're having to do this.  Most telling of all is the fact that the rate for autism isn't mentioned at all. 


Posted by Age of Autism at February 21, 2014 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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