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Dachel Media Review: SIDS, Seizures, Celebs

Posted Sep 01 2013 12:00am
Online news By Anne Dachel

Read Anne's comments and link to the stories below the jump.

Sept 30, 2013, 1011 HD TV, Lincoln, NE: Autism Speaks Walk At Haymarket Park

Sept 29, 2013, St. Louis (MO) Post Dispatch: The vaccination debate
Sept 29, 2013, Forbes: 'Wall Street' Actress Daryl Hannah Is An Autistic Woman
Sept 28, 2013, San Jose Mercury News:  Stanford research studies about autism Sept 27, 2013, Las Vegas Guardian Express: Flu Season - Vaccines More Dangerous Than the Flu (video)  

Sept 27, 2013, Fox News: Daryl Hannah opens up about her struggle with autism

Sept 26, 2013, WI State Journal: Autism parents group holding conference in Madison

Sept 25, 2013, Miami healthy living: Italian court acknowledges hexavalent vaccine and SIDS link

1011 HD TV, Lincoln, NE: Autism Speaks Walk At Haymarket Park
"It's the fastest growing developmental disorder in the country"

"It's a challenge that many families face."

'I can't leave them unattended for more than a minute or two.'

"Today they're not alone."

"Senior Coordinator of the Walk, Erin Enyart said, 'This is one day of the year that parents can take their kids and they know that all the other parents will understand.'"

'When your kids can't speak, you have to speak for them.'"

The walk is "filled with fun, but more importantly support for the families that need the help."
So what's the message here? Misery loves company?

There's a bill to help families that the governor thinks is still in committee. What? How seriously does he or anyone else think all this is?

We're told, 'When your kids can't speak, you have to speak for them."

Okay parents, what are you going to say?  Will you demand to know why this is happening to so many children while officials know nothing about the cause?

Obviously not. This is more insanity. I have to wonder, when the Roman Empire was falling, did everyone just stand around talking about all the barbarians getting closer and closer?
St. Louis (MO) Post Dispatch

"'We became pediatricians because we want children to be healthy, so it's never our intention to harm your child," she said. The previous fears about links between autism and vaccines has been completely debunked, she said. She has patients with cancers and other illnesses who cannot be vaccinated, and having an unvaccinated child with measles in a waiting room could be fatal for others, she said. "I don't separate vaccines. I don't alter the schedule because no study shows there are reduced complications from doing so,' she said."

"One mother, who says she doesn't like to talk about her concerns about vaccinations publicly because of the reactions it can trigger, says her son began having seizures after getting the measles, mumps and rubella shot when he was barely a year old."

The doctors get upset? Vaccines don't CAUSE seizures---they TRIGGER them????

I wonder if this lady actually knows what the word DEBATE means. THERE ARE TWO SIDES. THIS IS NOT ADDRESSING THE ISSUE.

This was so maddening that I ended up posting 14 comments---links are working.

"Daryl Hannah has made headlines for opening up publicly about being autistic, a diagnosis she received as a child. Hannah is 52 and a woman, which makes her what some people consider to be a rare entity in the autistic population: female and middle-aged.

"Hannah could not, as a child, have received a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome, as that diagnostic category didn't exist then-and is about to cease existence again. Her autism, she has said, left her with debilitating shyness and a need to rock for self-soothing and made public events a terror for her. At the time she was diagnosed, Hannah has said in interviews, medical professionals recommended that she be medicated and institutionalized. Instead, she went on to act in some movies you might have heard of before transitioning to a quieter life."

Here is Daryl Hannah being interviewed in 1989.  How autistic does she look?

This is more of the cover-up of autism. Hearing that Daryl Hannah has autism makes it easy to believe autism has always been around and that it's not so bad.
San Jose Mercury News

"To learn more about autism, researchers at Stanford University are seeking volunteers -- both children and adults -- to participate in clinical studies. Each has different criteria for entry. Call for more information about participation..."
Sanford announces more research designed to do nothing about autism. 

So, why isn't there a number to call to sign up for a clinical study comparing the autism rate in fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated kids?

Why isn't there one specifically to study children who have regressive autism to see what caused them to suddenly lose learned skills and descend into autism?

Las Vegas Guardian Express

Thousands of people take flu shots every year and many have no adverse affects. However there is evidence that there are long term effects that make many people sick.

"A tenfold greater chance exists of contracting Alzheimer's in older adults after a flu shot. This is caused by as combination of elements in the vaccines. From Natural News
"According to the CDC, 'The following substances are found in vaccines: aluminum,(brain toxin) antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde (now listed as carcinogenic), MSG or monosodium glutamate (a known neurotoxin),and thimerosal(neurotoxic mercury).'"

Seriously, did this title say "more dangerous than the flu"? ............OMG...........Who ever put this on the site be looking for a new position by Tuesday.

I posted comments.
Fox News

"Daryl Hannah opened up about her lifelong struggle with autism in the new issue of People, E! News reports.

"The actress revealed she was diagnosed as a child and suffered from "debilitating shyness." "I wasted so much time scared, self-conscious and insecure," Hannah reflected.

"While doctors wanted her institutionalized, her mother refused and eventually let her move to Los Angeles at 17. There Hannah became a successful actress, though she noted, 'I've never been comfortable being the center of attention. It's always freaked me out.'"

This will make Emily Willingham happy. Hannah is 52.  She's an adult with autism. Case closed. They're out there.
WI State Journal
"As a baby, Luke Stuhley's speech was delayed. When he started talking, he mostly repeated what others said. Just before he turned 2, he stopped making eye contact.

"A few months later came the diagnosis: autism."

"The cause of autism, a developmental disability that alters social interaction and communication, largely remains a mystery. It could involve a combination of genetic, biological and environmental factors, scientists say.

"A federal survey of parents released in March found 1 in 50 school-aged children has an autism spectrum disorder, which includes autism and milder forms such as Asperger syndrome."
Child regresses into autism. No big deal. These things happen. More of the mystery. Studies show no link. Say good bye to a generation of kids.

I left a comment.

Miami healthy living

"The court in Pesaro, Italy that ruled that the crib death or Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) of a young girl was the result of the causal connection with the administration of a hexavalent vaccine is the subject of a recent article dated Sept. 23."

First of all, it's amazing that this got any coverage in the American press. Second, this points out the sad reality that vaccines are linked to lots of other things besides autism.

Posted by Age of Autism at September 30, 2013 at 6:00 PM in Anne Dachel Permalink

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