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Dachel Media Review: Scottish Elderly, Whole Body, Panning Pan

Posted Sep 01 2013 12:00am

BBC News

"A charity has warned of an 'invisible generation' of older people with autism in Scotland whose condition is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

"The National Autistic Society (NAS) Scotland said there was still a tendency to only associate the condition with children.

"But one in five people with autism is thought to be over the age of 60.

"The charity called for action to ensure the needs of elderly people with autism were fully understood and met.

"It urged the Scottish government to act on its concerns as it implements its Autism Strategy for Scotland and rolls out £13.4m in funding to support people with the condition.

"NAS Scotland said that, of an estimated 58,000 people with autism in Scotland, more than 11,600 are thought to be over 60."

Seriously, you'd never say that children with autism are invisible, so would adults be?  

Let's pretend that autism affects everyone at the same rate. It's just a normal human condition.

We've been really good at doing better diagnosing when it comes to children with autism---but seriously, we're forgetting all the undiagnosed/misdiagnosed adults with autism.

If they're out there somewhere then there's no need to do anything about autism but be aware. It's obvious that it's nothing new. Somehow, we've always provided for all these affected people--we just never knew it was autism.

And there's nothing that can be done about their condition. It's just the way they are.

Just like that British survey that found the undiagnosed adults who'd rather stay home than go to a party, I'm sure the Scots can find quirky adults and label them as autistic and settle the question of an epidemic.

I'd love it---only I want to see adults just like the kids I know personally. Ones who don't speak or have echolalia. Ones in diapers as adults and who flap their hands constantly. Ones with seizures and bowel disease. Ones who started out as normal babies but who suddenly and dramatically lost it all and regressed into autism around age two. ...These are the autistic adults that are also supposed to be out there somewhere.

"However, what if autism isn't a 'primary' brain problem? What if the brain is just one of many body organs that are affected by a wider-reaching 'whole body disorder'? We know, for example, that there are a variety of other medical conditions connected with autism."
WHAT IF?  "What if the brain is just one of the many body organs ..."  What year is this?  How long will experts be just finding these things out. 
I have no more patience with pathetic writing like this as more and more children suffer.
I posted a comment and I've already been chastised--"You're really not helping anyone with this, you know?" 
Sacramento Bee

Brown, however, in a signing statement, rewrote the law saying that he would direct the California Department of Public Health to 'allow for a separate religious exemption on the form' so that 'people whose religious beliefs preclude vaccinations will not be required to seek a health care practitioner's signature.'

"This is a constitutional outrage and a public safety danger."
So then the argument will be, just because I'm not a Christian Scientist doesn't mean I don't have a religiously-founded belief against vaccinations.

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