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'Cuz life keeps getting awesome-er. er. er. er. er.

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:02pm
I am going completely batshit insane.
The temporary housing agency called this afternoon, to give me my move out date.
Yeah. Any guesses?
December 31st.

Well Happy Holidays and get.the.hell.out.

For those of you new to my blog, my house burned down in June, and we've been living in a temporary house until mine can be rebuilt. My house hasn't even been demolished yet, let alone starting a rebuild.


So... it's contest time!
All you have to do is leave a comment, and I will pick a lucky winner.
The winner family!
Yes! We will move in and take over your very own house.
We don't eat much. Well, Rylan and I do, but Jaysen totally balances that out with all of his (non)eating issues.
C'mon... it'll be fun! We can have pillow fights, and I can use up all your hot water with my uber long and insanely hot showers.
See? Fun!

Damn you Murphy. Damn you to Hell-o Kitty.
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