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could Cesarean sections be partly responsible for autism increse

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:19am
Today I was reading an article in the Los Angeles times on how Cesarean sections are on the rise due to ob/gyn doctors being fearful of lawsuits and sometimes doing them unnecessarily. This has lead to premature delivery of babies who might be vulnerable to autism or other types of developmental disabilies. Don't get me wrong. I still believe that most of the perceived increase in autism is due to changes in special education law which have allowed persons to qualify for services such as ABA. This is in addition to changes in diagnostic criteria and the increasing recognition that persons of normal intelligence can be autistic.

However, no one really knows for sure if more persons with autism spectrum disorders are being born then were 15 or more years ago. As there is no real biologic marker to determine whether or not someone is autistic it is mostly just guesswork. I believe it could be possible that there is a slight increase in autistic children being born, though not the huge increases that SAFE MINDS and other vaccine causes autism groups claim. One of the theories is that at least some of the cause of autism is due to increased paternal age of fathers of autistic children. I know that some people who blog on the internet such as Harold Doherty and John Best had their autistic sons when in their 40s. Also, ironically enough Donald Trump who recently became a father at age 61 said that he was going to not have his offspring receive a multitude of vaccinations at once to minimize the chances of the baby becoming autistic.

It seems to me that premature birth is one of the factors that could cause a person to become autistic. Another irony is that Sally Bernard, one of the leaders of the vaccines causes autism movement had an autistic son who was a triplet, born prematurely. It is much more likely this is what caused her son's autism than mercury in vaccines. It seems that there might be a temporal relationship between cesarean sections and the rate of autism increases. Of course with my problems that won't be easy to research and I don't know if I am going to pursue that avenue. I have shown, I believe, there is no temporal relationship between autism and vaccines in my article "Autism and Thimerosal is there really a correlation?" However, there is still a temporal relationship between changes in special education law and the commercialization of ABA treatments with their pie-in-the-sky claims of normalcy for nearly 50% of autistic children who undergo the 40 hour per week paradigm starting before they are age 36 months. I suspect, as I said before that this is a factor.

However, the incidence of Cesarean sections and how much they have increased and whether or not this is a factor in some autism deserves some exploration. It could be the basis for scientific research into the etiology of at least some autism also.
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