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Corrosive Slime is what is deadly in this encounter

Posted Feb 22 2013 6:15am

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Let's go over the specific capabilities you'll be dealing with and how to deal with them.
     Slaughter Regularly, everyone in the whole raid team will get hit for their maximum possible wellness with this ability. Because of Finkle's Mixture, though, they'll endure with  HP remaining. To endure any strikes after that, you will want to quickly (but efficiently; you do have a little time) cure every participant of the raid up to 0k wellness. Prayer of Healing is excellent at this.    Corrosive Slime In the times between Slaughter, Chimaeron will hit players with this ability. Your raid's technique should include distributing out (to prevent giving damage with other raid associates from this attack), so you shouldn't have to cure more than just the players targeted with Corrosive Slime. Corrosive Slime is what is deadly in this encounter, because it will affect your other raiders' HP below 0k wellness. If this happens soon before a Slaughter and a gamer isn't cured to 0k quickly enough, Slaughter will destroy that gamer. This implies you'll want to save quick, instant-cast cures like Penance and Holy Word: Comfort for the third (last) circular of Corrosive Slime in each pattern of the fight. Don't use them on the second circular, when there is sufficient a opportunity to use throw details like Display Heal.  WOW Gold This is probably the most crucial factor in the fight to know as a healer.    
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