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Conspiracy Theory? What Conspiracy Theory?

Posted Sep 01 2011 12:00am

Ttl_conspire_story By Robert Schecter

Because the foundations of the vaccine program cannot be defended on their own “merits,” the public’s attention must be drawn away from the programs many flaws and redirected against those questioning the practice. One of the most simple-minded tactics employed by the vaccine establishment is to label those concered about the forced vaccination of millions of children “conspiracy theorists.” This of course implies these ‘conspiracy theorists” (of which it could be said I’m one) are crazy, unbalanced and unworthy of a fair hearing.

But is a conspiracy theory being advanced? One first must understand the concept to answer. Wikipedia defines a conspiracy theory as explaining:

an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group or organization or, more broadly, the idea that important political, social or economic events are the products of secret plots that are largely unknown to the general public.

In regards to vaccination it would be hard to argue such a conspiracy exists. After all the ties between the government - politicians, bureaucrats and “public health officials” - and big pharma are all out in the open. The CDC - aka the government - is basically (in regards to vaccination) the marketing arm of the worlds drug companies. They promote vaccines and have jobs because of vaccines. The organization believes the practice is a literal miracle on Earth. Scientific research and universities are funded by the government, and the government, as is quite obvious, is in the vaccine business. Groups such as the California Immunization Coalition – a partnership involving just about every vaccination-related vested interest imaginable – work to promote the vaccine agenda sustaining all it’s members.

The CIC, in the course of its vaccine promotion endeavors, even lies to parents about no school being an inevitable consequence of no shots – this even though the state in which it operates, California, has several exemption options available to parents.

Not surprisingly, the president of the CIC, Mark Sawyer, MD is also a member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, As such, he is one of those tasked with recommending the next round of vaccines that can then be pushed onto the public by his CIC.

Then there’s the American Association of Pediatrics. With them the equation is simple. It supports vaccination and vaccination supports pediatrics. After all who’s going to do twelve well baby visits during the first five years of life if they didn’t think they needed the vaccinations around which those visits are built?

Additionally numerous financial ties bind interested parties together. Just now, revelations concerning Rick Perry’s financial ties to Merck (said to have motivated his decision to mandate the Gardisil vaccine for young girls) are being explored in the mainstream media; when it’s politics and not vaccination, the conspiracy theory moniker strangely disappears.

Finally, there’s Julie Gerberding. The former head of the CDC hit the jackpot after leaving the CDC to join Merck as president of their vaccine division. In the real world that’s called regulatory capture – a process by which those charged with acting on behalf of the public interest instead use their position to advance the agenda of those vested interests promising to enrich them.

So there we have it. No conspiracy theory. Just one big happy family known as the vaccine establishment working tirelessly to promote its vested interests at the expense of vaccine choice and parental rights.

Robert Schecter is the parent of a fifteen year old unvaccinated daughter; a stock & commodities investor, writer, and founder & editor of The Vaccine Machine : a blog challenging the vested interests dedicated to vaccinating our children by any means necessary. Visit us at the blog or on Facebook .



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