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Conference Conundrum

Posted Feb 28 2010 2:22pm

Last week was Parent-Teacher conferences. There were a number of issues. Duh, right?

  1. Rogan pulled the hoods of one of his classmates on their way into their classroom. He wrote an appropriate apology. It happened in January. I wasn't notified until the conference. Big deal or not a big deal? My vote is big deal. Whatever. I would have liked to talk to him about it. Little late now.

  2. Apparently, Rogan really wanted to be in the Student Council. (I had NO IDEA!) He didn't get elected. So there was a note that went to all the "student council nominees" - basically saying nice try, but you didn't win. Rogan wrote his response on the note. He crossed out his name on the top - who it was supposed to be addressed to - and wrote on the bottom: "There is a mix-up! Rogan is actually chosen!" Can't blame a kid for trying. Again.

  3. Rogan likes to be right. And 99.9% of the time he is right. But that 0.1% when he's wrong can be very hard for him to handle. That happened in the classroom recently. In math, no less - which is Rogan's favorite subject. (He is currently about 3 grades ahead in math.) As his teacher gave the answer, Rogan disagreed out loud. She showed him how she got her answer and why it was right. Rogan internally stewed for a moment, then burst out, "Mrs. S, stop giving us a substandard, incompetent education!" Yikes. Funny, but not situationally funny! I honestly think that Rogan catches his teacher off guard and she doesn't know how to respond. What 3rd grader says substandard or even incompetent? Regardless, he should have been called on it. He was asked to apologize and he did...but again, he needs to process these things. He may have an IQ of 122 but social etiquette is not exactly his forte. So if we're trying to help him - we need to show/tell him what is wrong and what is right. What to do and what NOT to do. Again - I didn't find out until now. But we've been discussing RESPECT.

I wish that could be all. But we had quite an eventful week. More to come later.

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