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Concerns: UN Convention on Rights of Persons With Disabilities

Posted Oct 01 2013 12:00am
Your_rights By Karol Osborne, MD

I am writing to you because I have long respected the work and writings you have done for the Age of Autism website.

I wanted to make you aware of another push coming to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  (The last such push, in December 2012, was voted down).  Word is out that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold two hearings on the CRPD, one on October 29 and one on October 31. It appears that the supporters of the treaty will try to push it through very quickly, and likely try to send it to the floor before the end of the year.

This document is concerning on many fronts, but I believe it should be particularly concerning to any parent of a vaccine injured child, or really to  anyone concerned about the skyrocketing incidence of autism (as well as a plethora of other serious chronic diseases) in our youth, and a potential link to vaccinations.  The fundamental concern with this document is its adoption of the "best interests of the child" standard.  With this change in language, courts and government agencies (rather than parents) would be given the authority to decide what is best for children with disabilities.  This would come into play with choices about future vaccinations for autistic (and all disabled) children, decisions about medical treatments for autistic (and all disabled) children and school/educational choices.

The CRPD is just the first arm of the "1-2 punch" that is being planned.  The second arm will then be ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).  Once the language is changed to the "best interests of the child" in the CRPD, this will grease the way to ratify the UN CRC, which, of course, is grounded in the same fundamental shift in language and approach to all of the children in the U.S., not just the disabled.   Political leaders are leading with the CRPD, I believe, because they feel it stands a better chance at ratification, because parents of the disabled (busy caring for their disabled children) will not have the time to stand up against these plans.

As you know Michael Bloomberg is now pushing for universal vaccinations for all preschoolers.  This requirement will be mandated nationally with ratification of the UN CRPD and, ultimately with the ratification of the UN CRC. What is at the crux of this is who determines what is in the "best interests of the child"?  Historically, unless proven to be negligent or abusive, this authority has always rested with U.S. parents.  With ratification of these two documents above, this authority will be transferred to the U.S. Government, and its health institutions (when it involves medical and health matters).

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me, or to spend some time on this page and its links .

FYI - The site   provides a goldmine of information about the topic of Parental Rights and these two U.N. Conventions.  I encourage you to visit the site and educate yourself.  For years, the folks at this site have been trying to educate people on this looming threat to the rights of parents in our country.  They are dedicated to promoting the adoption of a Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and preventing U.S. ratification of UN Conventions that threaten parental rights.

Karol Henseler Orsborn M.D. is a pediatrician of almost 20 years.  She and her husband are the parents of three daughters. In December 2012, she left the field of clinical Pediatrics to devote more time to her family and also to fight attacks upon the family and the parent/child bond, becoming especially prevalent in Pediatrics and society at large.

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