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Compulsory Vaccination or Low Grade Authoritarianism

Posted Jun 05 2009 12:00am

Wrong answer By Martin J. Walker

I'm deep in the middle of preparing the Parents Voice book Vol. II and getting ready to travel to London for the next dollop of the GMC hearing. However, I couldn't let the new information about the Joint Council on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) go without making some comment on it. Especially when I saw what people where saying on the new autism initiative steering group (nai), for example 'it's the next step towards compulsory vaccination'. Not that this is completely wrong, it's just that the matter is more complex than this and fits into an intellectual position with regard to the State and pediatricians, in an apparently Liberal society, in a more complicated way. Unless we get our analysis right we don't know what our campaigning objectives are.

Lets look for a moment at Horton voicing the views of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) on the matter of Pediatricians and the GMC, this morning Friday 24th May on the Radio 4 Today programme. Horton who appeared for the prosecution in the GMC fitness to practice hearing against Wakefield, Murch and Walker - Smith, is the Editor of The Lancet and his immediate on line boss at Elsevier, Lancet's publisher, is a non-executive Chair of the GKS board. There is, of course absolutely no excuse or rational reason, for one of the major medical journal publishers to be controlled by pharmaceutical company interests. While giving evidence against Wakefield accusing him of conflict of interest, Horton, however, thinks his connection to GSK is OK. Only recently Elsevier's credibility was shot down in flames during an ongoing Vioxx civil claim for damages trial in Melbourne, Australia where it was said that they published at least four fake journals in order to progress drugs marketing.

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