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Comments Due Monday on Designing a Vaccine Safety System

Posted Jun 01 2011 12:00am

Report Reveals Vaccine Safety System in Crisis

Vaccine Safety Working Group Website:

Due: June 6 at 5:00

Federal Register:

Draft Report:

Electronic Submission:

Contact: Kristin Goddard, telephone (202) 205-5317; fax 202-260-1165; e-mail .Show citation box

Reading through the bureaucratese in the draft white paper, the report reveals a vaccine safety “system” in shambles.  Uptake of the basic childhood vaccines has dropped to 70%, exemptions are rising rapidly, and polls show a majority doubt the safety of vaccines, believe they do cause autism, and are deeply concerned over vaccine safety as an essential element of public health policy.  Outbreaks of preventable infectious diseases are recurring. 

The Government is obsessed with preventing every last case of even mild infections with an unproven and bloated one-size-fits all vaccine schedule, but has no serious commitment to even know the extent of, much less prevent, chronic vaccine adverse events.  The obsession has inevitably lead to pressure to ignore, trivialize, or accept as unavoidable and acceptable “collateral damage” any adverse effects by public health and medical practitioners, basically ignoring or “disappearing” the “vaccine veterans” in the war against disease.  We have no idea how much chronic illness is being caused by vaccines because the Government has refused to fund a comprehensive program of research comparing the health of unvaccinated children and animals to those fully vaccinated, and to conduct adequate research on the mechanisms of injury. A leaked document from CDC (See AofA HERE) ] conceded they don’t have the basic science to support safety claims so instead they’ve embarked on a broad campaign of propaganda and fear.  A just-released SafeMinds Report as well as debunk the poorly designed and in the case of the Verstraeten paper, fraudulent, junk science supposedly exonerating vaccines of causing autism.  Thanks to EBCALA and their team of intrepid investigators [], we now have more proof that vaccines cause an unknown portion of the autism epidemic in the form of at least 83 cases, and this is probably a dramatic undercount, in which the Government has secretly paid hundreds of millions to victims of vaccine-caused autism.

The recommendations in the report (e.g. better coordination, stronger oversight, better science, more funding, and data transparency) should have been implemented 25 years ago when the Vaccine Act was first passed.  The Executive Branch has too long ignored Congress’s Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines.  Although infections are reported down to the last case of measles, there is no serious follow-up of voluntary VAERS reports and no ongoing study of children compensated by VICA. The “safety net” in the form of generous compensation for ALL victims of vaccine injury so necessary as a moral and legal duty in support of a universal vaccination policy is virtually non-existent.

Comments should address from the point of view of the individual or organization what is “broken” with the vaccine safety “system,” from design, funding, trials, licensure, administration, surveillance, governance, and compensation.  Safeminds filed comments describing A Roadmap to a Safety First Agenda [ HERE ] which can be used as a guide to your comments.  An adequate vaccine safety system should at least have the following characteristics:

1.  A fully independent Vaccine Safety Commission, insulated from all vaccine “cheerleading,” e.g. like NTSB or CPSC.

2.  Sound science: beginning with a comprehensive and ongoing programs comparing health of vaccinated with unvaccinated humans and animals as the only way to adequately detect and evaluate acute and chronic adverse events, as well as research on mechanisms of and treatments for vaccine injury.

3.  An express “safety first” commitment to preventing adverse events, especially necessary since the risk of AE’s is now much greater than the risk of infection, putting at grave risk the benefits of universal vaccination.

4.  Transparent: all safety-related data pre-and post-licensure and relating to injuries must be public.

5.  Informed choice: absolute protection must be afforded the “civil right” to refuse any or all vaccines for any reason.

6.  Consumer-driven and conflict-free: Governance should not be influenced by industry, providers, or public health advocates whose commitments primarily lay with full vaccination.

7.  A “safety net” committed to treatment of and generous compensation for all injured “vaccine veterans.”  Any “alternative” or “no fault” system offered must be backstopped by ordinary tort liability for producers and providers.


NVAC VSWG Report Comments

c/o Kristin Goddard
National Vaccine Program Office
200 Independence Avenue, SW
Room 715-H
Washington, DC 20201

Stakeholder Meeting:

Date: June 13, 2011

Time: 8:30-5:00

Location: Hubert Humphrey Building, Room 800, 200 Independence Ave. SW, Washington, DC.



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