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CNN Provides Some Autism and ABA Reality

Posted Feb 10 2009 10:15am
I have been a frequent critic of CNN's coverage of autism disorders, particularly what I saw as Dr. Gupta's fawning over, and multiple interviews with, Amanda Baggs, a person whose autism disorder characteristics many parents do not recognize in their own autistic children. I have to admit though that with Teen's family transformed after autism intervention CNN has shown some of the real challenges, tantrum behavior, self injury, family disruption, that can result from autistic disorders.

Just as important CNN has also covered an intervention by an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist. The story of how ABA helped the Bilson family and their autistic daughter should be must reading for ill informed opponents of ABA. Hopefully Dr. Gernsbacher, Dr. Mottron and their mentor Michelle Dawson will visit the site and try to approach it with an open mind. Their ideological opposition to ABA for autistic children has not been helpful. Hopefully they are still capable of learning.

Full marks to CNN for this autism reporting.


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