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Posted Apr 04 2008 12:00am
I've been busy picking away at my closets today...a little bit of that spring cleaning never hurt anyone right? Well, it might not hurt, but it sure does bite. The more I pull out of the closets, the more mess everywhere...and what to do with it all? Well, how could I possibly throw out that old torn sheet? The fabic must be worth, what, like 20 cents?! Or tossing all the kids' old outgrown clothes in a pile...nope, they don't have closets overflowing with stuff they can wear now, nope not my boys...I must hold onto that tshirt that's just a tiny bit too small...maybe they'll have to use it when I am...what...sick in the hospital for 2 months and can't do the laundry???! And paperwork, well, I can't even begin to go there...Erwin and I cleaned ALL our paperwork up 2 weeks ago and believe it or not it's once again overtaking every flat surface of our home. What is my fear of donating stuff to a good home, or god forbid, throwing it away? And what's worse, yes, believe it or not, my husband is as bad as me...if not worse. He always stores it in the attic for that one day we might need a rusty old pipe that isn't the size of our piping...or the chair that's only cracked on one leg. However, at least his mess is contained in the attic...though our very sizeable attic gets tinier by the day! And I won't talk about my kids....Kaeden can tell you every piece of paper he owns and if one should be missing, oh dear....oh dear. Jari is much better than the rest of us, but he is so proud of all his drawings and let me explain: he goes through, oh, something like 200 sheets of paper a week!!!! Where do you think they all end up? Nope, not in the recycling because he searches there now that he knows I conveniently "store" some of his artwork there. Hmmm. Back to the closets and forcing myself to move on to more organized pastures. Out with the old and in with the new...oeps, NO NEW....then it'll just begin all over again!!!
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