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Clive - feeling a bit like Cinderella?

Posted May 15 2010 9:00am
Several weeks ago our Great Dane friend Honey featured in a wonderful new book entitled 'why dogs are better than cats'. We were only thinking about how much we would love a copy of the book and then on Sorcha's Confirmation Day, Grandma gave Murray a little surprise present because Sorcha was getting so many presents for her Confirmation. What was the surprise ... well it was 'why dogs are better than cats' by Bradley Trevor Greive.

We were so surprised and delighted and immediately found the photos of Honey to show all our family who were sharing Sorcha's Confirmation lunch with us. Sometimes the older folks in the family don't really understand all this 'blogging' we talk about so they were a little bemused when we said look 'here's our friend Honey from Brisbane' - we follow her blog! The book is now permanently on our kitchen table ... we love looking through it ....

Clive in particular was fascinated to see Honey and her friends all lined up to show the wonderful variety of dogs .... 'a dog for everybody' as book says ....
He got a little bit miffed though because he wasn't in it .... he looked through the working dogs ... no mention of Assistance Dogs for Autism ....
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and then when he saw the photo of Honey pushing the supermarket trolley .... he complained that he does all the work around the house here anyway and never gets any recognition for it .... He does the ironing ......
always checking that the iron is hot enough!
He's the only one who ever thinks of cleaning the windows ... he's no problem using the step ladder!
He is the ONLY one who remembers to supervise the NSLM's homework every evening!

Not to mention the ONLY one who ever thinks to use the exerise bike!
and when it comes to cooking the dinner every evening .... yes, here he is last night cooking .... fish for Friday of course .....
Homemade seafood chowder and very nice it tasted too!
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He even remembers to tie his hair back - if you can notice the large hair clip holding back some of his golden mane ....

Posted by Picasa and yet despite all this, working as an Assistance Dog, being a family pet and moreover taking on all the chores in the house .... he doesn't even get featured in a book on dogs! He was really feeling very left out and a bit like Cinderella last night ....

but, Clive - you never know maybe your day of recognition will come ...

Watch this space, as they say!

and if you see, 'why dogs are better than cats' in your local bookstore - make sure to get a copy - it really is a great celebration of dogs and cats!
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