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CHOP Says NO CHOCKS! Philadelphia Hospital Disallows Supplements.

Posted Oct 01 2013 12:00am
Chocks X By Eubie Quinoles

CHOP, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, just sent out an announcement via their blog – “Cornerstone, Where Science and Medicine Converge:”

Children’s Hospital First in Nation to Disallow Use of Dietary Supplements 

Maybe that blog should be called – Cornerstone, Where CHOP and PHARMA Want Your Dollars!
You can read the entire article but here are some choice tidbits
“The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has announced that its Formulary – the list of medications approved for use – will no longer include most dietary supplements. The hospital said the action was being taken because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not routinely review the manufacturing of dietary supplements, and therefore cannot guarantee their safety and effectiveness……The move makes CHOP the first hospital in the United States to discourage patients from using these products without a doctor’s provision as a matter of policy.

Dietary supplements are defined as vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, enzymes and animal extracts meant to “supplement” the diet and are not intended to replace a healthy diet or to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure diseases. Melatonin, Echinacea, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, CoEnzyme Q10, milk thistle, and probiotics are some of the most commonly used supplements.”

Translate that to mean, the money made from those sales does not go to the gigantic companies Offit standing who have a vested interest in medications to CORRECT disease.  Many if not most dietary supplements are bought to both MAINTAIN and CORRECT health.  Unlike pharmaceuticals, one does not need a doctor’s visit or prescription pad to be the decision maker of one’s health but some people are not happy with that and want to keep you, the patient, the consumer, and ultimately, your body, under their thumb. Enter Dr. Paul Offit , well known for his eternal attachment to the big pharmaceutical companies, owning a $1.5 million dollar research chair at Children's Hospital (CHOP), funded by Merck. He holds the patent on an anti-diarrhea vaccine he developed with Merck called Rotateq.  We can add on too, that he is also “Chair of the hospital’s Therapeutic Standards Committee."  Interestingly, Pfizer maker of vaccines and medications has just partnered with CHOP  – “This partnership will bring together the leading science at The  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with Pfizer’s global capabilities,” said Jose Carlos Gutierrez-Ramos, Ph.D., senior vice president, Head of Biotherapeutics R&D at Pfizer. “Together, we increase the potential to bring novel medicines to patients.”  

NOVEL MEDICINES might then be the real reason that Dr. Offit and his pharma friendlies are now going after supplements.  If people are using supplements and herbs with success, why would they pay 3-5 times more for doctor prescribed and often side effect, black box labeled, drugs?
Because the autism community has been so vocal on vaccine damage and their children, AND because many use supplements with much success for those children, Offit has needed to target autism parents , organizations, and doctors who speak the truth about adverse outcomes from vaccines and positive outcomes from supplements.

Dr. Offit adds supplements into his hit list as they, too are part of medical choice that he wants to end.  It is no secret that he is also out to end vaccine exemptions.  Here you can read along as Dr. Offit's video  attempts to make the case that vaccine exemptions are wrong – “The parents were making this choice because they could.” Emphasize “THEY COULD” and the message is loud and clear
'Vaccine Exemptions'? Call Them What They Really Are  

“The term "personal belief" is also incorrect in that vaccines are not a belief system. Religion is a belief system. Religion is a faith-based system. Science and medicine are evidence-based systems. They are data-based systems, not beliefs. If you want to feel better about vaccine use, I think one needs only to look at the roughly 20,000 studies that have evaluated the safety or efficacy of vaccines, or the hundreds of studies that have looked at what happens when you combine vaccines and give them at the same time to feel confident that, in fact, there are data to support that choice.
The third way one can exempt oneself from vaccines are so-called religious exemptions. Forty-eight states have them. I would argue this also does not make a lot of sense.”

Recently, you can see Offit, CHOP and Pfizer also promoting vaccines here, to download a VACCINE APP : vaccines-on-the-go-what-you-should-know-a-free-mobile-app-for-iphones  
“The Vaccine Education Center (VEC) at CHOP is very excited to announce the availability of their newest resource:  “Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Know”

This is a free mobile app for iPhones.  In addition to information about vaccines, the diseases they prevent, and common vaccine safety concerns the app has
 •Games, like hangman, memory and matching
 •Links to VEC resources, including the videos, Q&A sheets, and booklets
 •Brand new graphics related to contagiousness of each disease and typical disease timelines
 •Places for saving notes or questions for the next doctor visit
 •An easy way to email the VEC with vaccine-related questions
Learn more about the features of the app, watch a short video featuring Dr. Offit”

Down at the very bottom of the page – “The development of this website was supported by Pfizer, Inc.”

So we see Pfizer, CHOP and Offit in collaboration and then there is still Offit’s close relationship with Merck
Noted here, in the NEJM, where he seems to be trying his best to dismiss vaccines as the cause of Hannah Poling’s autism
“Dr. Offit reports being a co-inventor and co-holder of a patent on the rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq, from which he and his institution receive royalties, as well as serving on a scientific advisory board for Merck”

And here, recently on NPR, you can read the transcript of his ramblings on how supplements, like gingko biloba and garlic, are some kind of dangerous poisons, and yet Merck’s Vioxx , a KNOWN killer for thousands of innocent victim, was ignored, if not defended, in his book
“So for example, in your book, Dr. Offit, you mentioned that Merck took Vioxx off the market when they found that there were cardiovascular side effects.

But there was an article that I read in 2007 in the British Medical Journal that basically talked about that as early as 1997, Merck knew that Vioxx might increase blood clots. But when they applied for its new drug application to the FDA in 1998, they didn't do any studies, and there were nine of them, to evaluate cardiovascular risk. They did short trials. They enrolled people who were at low risk of heart disease, and they didn't even have a standardized procedure to look at cardiovascular outcomes.

Tens of thousands of people died unnecessarily taking Vioxx. And in 2000, the company, Merck, spent more money promoting Vioxx than Pepsi spends. So they knew that there was an increased risk, and they covered it up. And now there are thousands of lawsuits going on.”

In that transcript, there is no rebuttal from Offit about Merck.

Offit seems to be promoting vaccines while he plots the end of vaccine exemptions.  He also uses the same plan in boosting pharmaceuticals as he completely bashes vitamins and supplements. There’s a message in all of this and it’s not that vaccines are great and supplements are bad.  The real message is that Paul Offit seems to be a voice for many in the pharmaceutical business so believing much of what he says and studies that he promotes should not be taken as fact.

Posted by Age of Autism at October 14, 2013 at 5:45 AM in Current Affairs Permalink

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