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Choosing Home - Deciding to Homeschool with Asperger's Syndrome

Posted Sep 13 2010 9:29pm
A book by Martha Kennedy Hartnett

If you are a family that is considering homeschooling your Asperger's or ASD child. Or, maybe a family whose AS or ASD child is having immense difficulty in the school system--this book is for you! A journey through a family's struggle to listen to their inner voice, and ultimitely allowing that voice to win.

An excerpt from the Foreword:
Choosing Home: Deciding to Homeschool with Asperger's Syndrome is about the incredible courage and determination exhibited by James along with his parents as they strive to provide a meaningful education for their son. The story you are about to read makes an important and substantial contribution to the education of people with Asperger's Syndrome.

A few pearls from the book
-" ...homeschooling laid the groundwork for a life of independence and self-determination."

-" ...socialization for many children with Asperger's Syndrome is not learning about getting along with others, but rather a negativity endurance test. The homeschooling environment provided James with the temporal, cognitive, and emotional space to learn socialization on a more realistic incidental basisin his community."

-" ...make education learning disability-free."

-" ...the stress of dealing with the school system no longer dominate their own lives."

-"There is no doubt that many young people with AS struggle in today's schools. Their daily academic, emotional, and social ordeals are often painful to witness. Each day brings experiences which, through the lens of Asperger's, can become magnified into trauma."

-"AS students work so hard to handle their environment during the school day that they sometimes take out their frustrations on things or loved ones as soon as they get home. One mother described her seventh grade daughter as actually becoming physically abusive in a frantic attempt to get rid of the day's stresses."

-"Asperger's children have trouble letting go of a slight, whether real or perceived. Any unkind deed or comment is locked in their memory forever."

And my absolute favorite
"Whatever your contact with AS, remember that it is the unique people in the world who often contribute the most to it. This world needs those who see it through different eyes. They force the rest of us to question ourselves, the way we think and the path on which we may be walking. They cause those who often blindly follow the masses to pause and, in doing so, become more enlightened."
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