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Celebrating 2012 and Welcoming 2013

Posted Dec 31 2012 9:30am

It is the time of year to reflect upon the past and look forward to the future. I’ll admit that this time last year, I was doing much more future gazing than I was reflecting. Not that 2011 wasn’t a marvelous year, but something deep within me knew that 2012 was going to be an incredible year, and it did not disappoint.

In fact, my year in review post from 2011 was something that I forced myself to write. I wanted to take a moment to appreciate where I had landed, but the truth was that my brain was full of optimism, hope, and desire, for 2012. This year finds me in a much better position to recap the passing year because it met every single one of my hopes.

Regional Conference in Charlotte, NC

This feels so incredibly long ago! I once again had the intense pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite music therapists from the Southeastern region! I have forged so many close bonds and friendships with many of these incredibly talented men and women. These people have known me since my infancy as a music therapist, and it was really awesome to get to give my first solo presentation on the first year of running my private practice!

Connecting With More People in the Midlands

I had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to present at the Family Connection Of Hopes and Dreams Conference that took place in the Spring . It was a very different conference set up than I am used to. The conferences I attend have a set number of sessions per hour, and you pick where you want to go on a whim! At the FC conference, participants had to pre-register for their sessions. I had over 50 attendees at mine! It was such a wonderful opportunity to connect with parents and other professionals in South Carolina and to tell them about music therapy! Some of my current clients are a direct result of this conference, and I was also able to make several referrals to other music therapists as well! How cool! I hope that they will have me back next year!

In addition to the FC conference, the knowledge of music therapy and my business has spread consistently because of people telling their friends. I’m so excited to see more and more people saying “Yes! We need music therapy!” in their first e-mail or phone call!  Keep spreading it in 2013!

A Very Eventful Vacation and a Brand New Toy!

My husband, Greg, and I take many mini vacations around the south east to go caving and camping, but it had been an extremely long time (over two years!) since the two of us had taken a big trip together. I was super excited to take my first ever non-skiing trip out west to Yellowstone National Park, the Grant Tetons, and the high deserts of Montana/Wyoming. Even better than an incredible vacation? Finding out that I had won an iPad! Turning your iPad into a usable tool for practice can be quite labor intensive, but I’m very glad to say that in the past few months I have really harnessed the power of it and am using it very successfully in my sessions! Special thanks goes to Bonnie Hayhurst , Petra Kern , and others who share their knowledge of apps and their usage in music therapy!

Billing Health Insurance

Every bit of this success has to be attributed to two people: Judy Simpson at AMTA and Jamie George of The George Center. I was terrified of billing insurance- I had no idea where to even begin, but after a sleep over at Jamie’s house in Atlanta, I decided I was going to try it! Judy Simpson is the pioneer for music therapy reimbursement, and Jamie has been my guru for the past few months. I test drove her course documents for , found a few clients who were willing to be a guinea pigs (you know who you are!) and used the lull of summer to jump in. Since then, I have successfully billed for over 30 treatment hours and the number is growing!

We Grew!

I can now officially say we! In July, I received an e-mail from a music therapist out in Texas who told me that her family might be relocating to SC, she asked me if I might know of any work for her and I was very hesitant and cautious about it, but I told her that I was very close to needing help. Ms. Laura ended up moving out to South Carolina, and now I don’t think a week goes by without my telling her thank you! In fact, Laura’s case load has filled up even faster than we thought it would! We were hoping to have her a little more than halfway to full by mid-February, and she hit that mark at the beginning of December!

There are so many more things that I could write about. I completely left out my first ever presentation at national conference, being an instructor for Kat Fulton’s, creating connections in the public school systems, becoming president of the Music Therapy Association of SC, and becoming a co-chair for our legislative task force. Now, I am going to set my intentions for 2013 to be even more joyous, satisfying, and enjoyable as 2012 was. Happy New Year everyone!

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