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CDC Announces 1 in 88 Autism Numbers: Safeminds Responds with Autism Crisis 2012

Posted Mar 01 2012 12:00am

Shattered Managing Editor's Note: From SafeMinds:   Awareness Isn't Enough - We Need Action

Today the Centers for Disease Control issued the long-awaited autism prevalence numbers for children born in 2000 - 1 in 88 children.

When I first heard the news, I was a little numb to it.  Just what we expected.  Then I thought about it for a few minutes and it felt like a punch in the gut.  So many children affected, needlessly.  Some of them are friends of my three boys.  These are real kids, not numbers. They deserve better.

I am asking you personally today to commit to taking action - no matter how small.  Nobody understands better than I do the day to day craziness that our lives involve and how little energy is left for advocacy - but unless we make some time as a community, more kids will be lost and treatment for our kids will not be developed. 

This is an election year, and despite the promises, nothing has really changed since 2008.  Please read this document: AUTISM CRISIS APRIL 2012 .  It will remind you of all the many problems that could be fixed if they were taken seriously.  Whichever part of it rings true for you, please share it:

  1. Send this article to some friends and ask them to pass it on.
  2. Use this document for talking points and call or e-mail any legislator you can think of.
  3. Send this document to anyone you know who cares about autism - relatives, teachers, therapists, doctors.
  4. Forward it to anyone you know who works in media - reporters, editors, production, publishing.
  5. Make sure the world knows we are here to fight for our kids.

This will not be our only action, but it is an important first step.  Please make time to help.


Katie Weisman Mom to Don, Nick and Alex Director of Communications

Posted by Age of Autism at March 30, 2012 at 5:47 AM in Current Affairs , Sponsor News Permalink

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