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CBS Radio Covers Newtown Shooter: Kim Stagliano Questions Autism Diagnosis

Posted Dec 01 2012 12:00am
Retro pink radio Yesterday I was on CBS 880 - their flagship am station out of New York talking about Adam Lanza and the massacre in Newtown - just 10 miles from my home.  You can read and find an audio link to the interview Here.   Just scroll down to the mic icon and my name on the site.  From the article on their website.

Kim Stagliano is the managing editor of Age Of Autism , a daily newsletter about autism spectrum disorders.

“I think until we see proof that he was formally diagnosed by a professional with Asperger’s, the conversation can really only be harmful to families who have children and adults who are anywhere on the spectrum right now,” Stagliano told WCBS 880 on Monday.

Stagliano wrote on her website Monday, reacting to a person described as a family friend of the Lanzas telling CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that Nancy Lanza said her son had Asperger’s .

“It may have been a way for a mother to explain something that’s very difficult to explain and she didn’t realize she would end up in this position where we would be having a conversation about his formal diagnosis. Diagnoses of any condition are personal and private and here we are talking about it,” Stagliano told WCBS 880.

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