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Canadian Research

Posted Jan 19 2010 10:08am

It’s that time again: Welcome to another edition of, “Julee travels for business–Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)” I confess that it’s still too early to write about this trip.

View from my hotel room.

I’m on the plane ride home from Edmonton, Alberta. Where the local reception is as warm as the weather (cold). My current possessions include only my coat, my wallet, a tuna sandwich, and this laptop. I have been forced to check everything else, because of the massive security level.

You know, I’m starting to think that explosives are only a small part of terrorism. The real threat is making our lives a living hell by requiring some TSA lady to pat me down and confiscate my chapstick.

So back to Canada.
Yes I’m doing it. I’m lumping an entire country into one stereotyped description by creating this list. Please do not send hate mail (I like to say that for every Canadian blog entry. Another stereotype; they’re a little sensitive):

Top Ten Things Canadians like:
1. Recycling
2. Canada
3. Hockey
4. Being from Canada
5. Talking about Canada
6. Talking about being from Canada
7. 80’s music
8. Being polite about how you’re not quite from Canada
9. Other Canadians
10. Telling you the US is not Canada

I’ve created this detailed pie chart to illustrate my extensive research:

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