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California schools with high vaccine exemption rates

Posted Sep 02 2009 10:21pm

The Los Angeles Times has published a list of California schools where the kindergarden class has a high rate of students with vaccine exemptions.

Yes, there are vaccine-rejectionist clusters.

There are about 30 schools with over 50% of the students using exemptions.

Yuba River Charter (Nevada City) 32 of 37 (86.5%) (86%)
City School, The (Lake Balboa) 9 of 11 (81.8%) (82%)
Slvusd Charter (Ben Lomond) 13 of 16 (81.3%) (81%)
Coastal Grove Charter (Arcata) 19 of 25 (76.0%) (76%)
Sunridge Charter (Sebastopol) 25 of 33 (75.8%) (76%)
Sebastopol Independent Charter (Sebastopol) 33 of 44 (75.0%) (75%)
Carmichael Elementary (Carmichael) 82 of 112 (73.2%) (73%)
Waldorf Of The Peninsula (Los Altos) 29 of 40 (72.5%) (73%)
Dehesa Charter (Escondido) 28 of 39 (71.8%) (72%)
Ananda Living Wisdom (Nevada City) 7 of 10 (70.0%) (70%)
Westside Waldorf (Pacific Palisades) 14 of 20 (70.0%)

California is a big state. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised that there are so many schools. I guess one could try to correlate income levels, parent education levels and the like with the exemption rate.

I’m just glad my kid isn’t at any of the schools listed.

I’m sure there are those who would say, “see, they have high exemption rates and they don’t have outbreaks of disease” and imply or state that there is no such thing as herd immunity.

All I can say is that the kids at those schools are safer because of families like mine.

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